Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand With Hurricane Shades, Taper Candle Candelabra Table Centerpiece 47"

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Quantity: 1 Candle Holder Set
Material: Crystal
Color: Clear
Style: 7-Pillar Candelabra w/ Oblong Mirror Base
Overall Size: 18"W x 47"H
Mirror Base Size: 18"L x 8"W
Total Stems & Glass Shades: 7 each
Height of Stems: 16.75”, 20“, 23”, 26“, 29”, 32.5“, 35.5"
Glass Shade Size: 13.75"H x 2.25"Dia.
Candle Cup Diameter: 23mm
Features: Thick Reflective Mirror Base, Sturdy, Versatile, Durable
Assembly Required: Yes
Instruction Sheet: Included
Ideal for Taper, Pillar, Votive, or LED Candles
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Elegant Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand

Elegant Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand

Add a touch of opulence and sophistication to your next event with the Elegant Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand. This exquisite candelabra features crystal candle stick holders placed upon an oblong mirrored base, creating a stunning centerpiece that will captivate your guests. The clear crystal design reflects light beautifully, creating a mesmerizing glow that will enhance the ambiance of any occasion.

With the capacity to hold up to 7 taper candles, this candlestick stand provides ample lighting to illuminate your event. Whether you choose to place it on a tabletop or let it command attention on the floor as a standalone centerpiece, it is sure to make a statement. The versatile design of this candelabra allows it to effortlessly complement both traditional and modern event decor settings, making it a perfect choice for any theme or style.

For your safety and convenience, this candlestick stand comes with hurricane glass tubes. These tubes not only add an extra layer of protection by preventing the candles from being blown off, but they also create a beautiful visual effect as the flames dance within them. You can now focus on creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests without worrying about potential fire hazards. Make your event truly memorable with this one-of-a-kind crystal beauty.

Versatile Taper Candle Candelabra Table Centerpiece

Versatile Taper Candle Candelabra Table Centerpiece

Transform any special occasion or event into a magical experience with the Versatile Taper Candle Candelabra Table Centerpiece. This multipurpose piece offers endless possibilities for decoration and ambiance creation. Whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary, or any other celebration, this crystal cluster glass taper candle holder is the perfect choice.

Create an amazing atmosphere by placing this candelabra on your tables as centerpieces or in the aisle as markers. Its elegant design will add a touch of sophistication to any setting. You can even place it on the floor or incorporate it into your backdrop to complete the look. Made from high-quality glass, this candelabra exudes luxury and elegance, making it a must-have for any event.

The Versatile Taper Candle Candelabra Table Centerpiece is not just a beautiful decoration, but also a practical choice. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, allowing you to enjoy your event without any worries. The crystal candle holders securely hold taper candles, providing a soft and romantic glow that will enchant your guests. Create unforgettable memories with this exquisite centerpiece.

Stunning Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand

Stunning Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand

Enhance the beauty of your event with the Stunning Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand. This captivating candelabra features crystal candle stick holders that exude elegance and grace. The clear crystal design adds a touch of glamour to any occasion, making it the perfect centerpiece for weddings, parties, or any other special event.

Measuring 47 inches in height, this candlestick stand commands attention and creates a focal point that will impress your guests. Its versatile design allows you to place it on tables, in the aisle, or even as part of your backdrop. The possibilities are endless. Let the soft glow of the taper candles illuminate your event and create a magical ambiance that will leave a lasting impression.

The Stunning Clear Crystal 7-Arm Cluster Wedding Aisle Candlestick Stand is not only a stunning decoration, but also a practical choice. It comes with hurricane shades that ensure the safety of your guests by preventing any accidents or fire hazards. You can now enjoy your event with peace of mind, knowing that every detail has been taken care of. Make your event truly unforgettable with this exquisite crystal centerpiece.

Additional Information:

  • Mirror Base Thickness: 8mm
  • Glass Shade Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Candle cups and stems come pre-attached.
  • Note: Sale is for Crystal Candelabra only. Candles and other decorations and accessories are not included
  • Uses: Birthdays, Weddings, Table Decoration, Event Decoration, Centerpieces.
  • How to Care:

    • Prior to first use, crystal pieces should be hand washed individually in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly, and dried with a lint-free cloth.
    • For optimal finish & clarity, clean with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, let stand for a few hours then rinse well and dry with a lint-free cloth.
    • Our crystal is produced overseas in extremely large quantities for our wholesale customers, due to transit and mass storage, all vases should be cleaned before use to remove any accumulated dust/dirt.
    • Crystal pieces should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. Do not use products in microwaves or conventional ovens.


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