5 Pack | 9" Gold Premium Unscented Ribbed Wick Taper Candles, Tall Ribbon Wax Dinner Candles

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Quantity: 5 Taper Candles
Material: Wax
Style: Ribbed
Color: Gold
Height: 9.25"
Diameter: 0.65"
Burn Time: 5-7 hours
Premium Unscented Taper Candles
Fits into any standard Taper Candlestick Holder


Gold Premium Wick Taper Candles

Add a touch of elegance to your home with our handmade Premium Unscented Ribbed Wax Taper Candles. These long, slim candlesticks are perfect for any occasion from dining room tables to birthday celebrations. Our taper candles are made with the highest quality wax and designed to burn slowly and evenly, without the hassle of dripping wax. The ribbed pattern adds a unique decorative touch that can elevate any room's ambiance. Whether you need to light up the dinner table or give your guests a warm welcome, these handcrafted taper candles will set the mood in style.


Gold Ribbed Long Burn Wax Candles

These Premium Unscented Ribbed Wax Taper Candles are an elegant, stylish choice to complete your home decor. Perfect for dinner parties, romantic gatherings and holiday celebrations, these candles make a memorable statement. The perfect size gives these candles plenty of versatility; while their unscented nature ensures an inviting atmosphere without overpowering scents or aromas. These Roman ribbed candles will bring warmth and atmosphere to any room in your home. These attractive candles are just what you need to create the perfect ambiance wherever you choose to use them.


Gold Unscented Dinner Candle Sticks

These Unscented Taper Candles are perfect for creating a centerpiece on your tables, adding warmth and light to a dinner party, or any gathering. Plus, the ribbed design makes them stand out, wrapping the candle in a pleasing texture. Elevate any occasion with the timeless beauty of these taper candles and make every moment an unforgettable one! For an added bonus, you can collect your spent candle stubs when they have finished burning to make something fun and creative out of them!


Additional Information:

  • Listing is for Taper Candles only. Candle Holders and other accessories are not included.
  • Uses: Birthday, Wedding, Party, Table Decoration, Event Decoration