500pcs Handmade Especially For You Stickers Roll, Cookie and Bakery Box Labels - Round 1.5"

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Quantity: 1 Roll of 500 Stickers
Material: Matte Paper with Adhesive backing
Color: Natural Kraft with White text
Size: 2” Diameter
Shape: Round
Text: “HAND MADE Especially for You”
Ink on paper is water resistant
Perfect for Bakeries, Handmade Goods & Small Business Owners


Elegant and Festive 500pcs Handmade Especially For You Stickers Roll - Round 1.5 inch Stickers

Add a touch of elegance and personalization to your gifts, favors, and invites with our exquisite 500pcs Handmade Especially For You Stickers Roll. These round 1.5 inch stickers are the perfect accessory to make your presents truly special. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these handmade stickers are designed to impress. Whether you're hosting a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, or any other celebration, these stickers will add a festive feel to your event decor.

Made from high-quality matte paper with adhesive backing, our stickers are not only beautiful but also practical. They will securely stick to any surface, ensuring that your gifts and favors are perfectly sealed. The extensive range of thematic, celebratory, and festive wishes available in our sticker roll will cater to all your event needs. From elegant designs to vibrant patterns and colors, you'll find the perfect sticker to suit your celebrations and mood.

These versatile stickers have a multitude of uses. Use them to add the final touches to your party favors, goodie bags, thank you notes, or envelope seals. They are also great for addressing labels, cards, and even wrapped baked treats. Let your creativity shine by incorporating these stickers into your DIY craft projects or scrapbook decorations. Express your feelings and make your festive merriment truly memorable with our cute and personalized stickers.


Impart Merry Magic with Cookie and Bakery Box Labels

Looking for a way to make your bakery creations stand out? Our Cookie and Bakery Box Labels are the answer. These adorable stickers will add a touch of merry magic to your bakery boxes, making them irresistible to your customers. Whether you're a professional baker or a baking enthusiast, these labels are the perfect accessory to showcase your delicious treats.

With a wide range of designs, patterns, colors, and themes, our bakery box labels are suitable for any occasion. From weddings and anniversaries to holiday parties and school projects, these stickers will enhance the presentation of your baked goods. The adhesive backing ensures that the labels stay securely in place, even during transport. Your customers will be delighted when they receive their beautifully packaged treats.

Not only are these labels perfect for bakery boxes, but they also have multiple uses. Use them to seal envelopes, decorate gift wrapping, or personalize party supplies. The possibilities are endless. The high-quality construction of these labels ensures that they withstand the rigors of handling and maintain their vibrant colors. Make a statement with your bakery creations and leave a lasting impression with our eye-catching and charming cookie and bakery box labels.


Versatile and Personalized Round 1.5 inch Stickers for Every Occasion

Our round 1.5 inch stickers are not only handmade with love but also versatile for every occasion. Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, or any other special event, these stickers will add a personalized touch to your decorations. Available in a roll of 500pcs, you'll have plenty of stickers to use for all your event needs.

These stickers are perfect for DIY craft projects, scrapbook decorations, and adding the finishing touches to your party favors. Use them to seal envelopes, address labels, or decorate gift wrapping. The adhesive backing ensures that the stickers stay securely in place, so you can rest assured that your decorations will look flawless throughout the event.

In addition to their decorative purposes, these stickers are also ideal for expressing gratitude. Show your appreciation to your customers, guests, and friends by attaching these stickers to thank you notes, goodie bags, or wrapped baked treats. The handmade touch and personalized feel will make your gestures of gratitude truly heartfelt and memorable. Let these versatile round stickers be the perfect companion for all your event decor needs.


Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 1 Roll of 500 Stickers
  • Material: Matte Paper with Adhesive backing
  • Color: Natural Kraft with White text
  • Size: 2” Diameter
  • Shape: Round
  • Text: “HAND MADE Especially for You”
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Favors, Gifts Decoration


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    Very nice. I wish the print was in Black to go along with my Black /Gold Theme. Overall, I still like it, and will be used with another event of mine.
    Janine D.
    Verified Buyer
    Thank you gold foil text on black stickers
    real user review 500pcs Thank You Gold Foil Text On Black Stickers Roll Décor Labels and Seals for DIY Envelope - Round 1.5
    It was the perfect items to seal my gold treat boxes and to say thank you to each guest.
    Verified Buyer
    Very satisfied, obsoletely beautiful
    Can wait to use this for my bake goods
    Yanetsy C.
    Verified Buyer
    Just what I needed!!
    Verified Buyer
    Love this Site
    The stickers I ordered are great and perfect for sealing my dessert boxes. Much prettier than tape. Will definitely be ordering more products
    Tiffany T.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect!! Perfect value and great quality! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Verified Buyer
    real user review 500pcs Thank You Themed Assorted Text Floral Stickers Roll, Labels For DIY Envelope Seal - Round 1.5
    Great stickers.. Don't easily fall apart!! love the variety.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer