6 Pack Assorted Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders with Diamond Pattern, Reversible Crystal Pillar Votive Candle Stands - 4"

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Quantity: 6 Candle Holders
Material: Glass
Color: Assorted Blue
Style: Textured Diamond Pattern
Overall Size: 3"W x 4"H
Candle Cup Size: 1.25"Dia.
Inner Candle Cup Size: 0.75"Dia.
Candle Cup Depth: 0.75"
Base Diameter: 3"
Glass Thickness: 6mm
Features: Thickened Glass, Textured, Sturdy Base, High-Temperature Resistance
Reversible: Cylinder Top for Taper Candles, Round Top for Pillar Candles
Fit: Standard pillar & taper candles, chime candles, and flameless LED candles


<h3 style="margin-left:0px;">Exquisite Diamond Pattern Assorted Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders

Exquisite Diamond Pattern Assorted Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders

Presenting our Diamond Pattern Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders, a flawless combination of style and usefulness. Our candle holders bring elegance to any environment while this design is truly exceptional. The complex diamond pattern engraved on the glass captures the light in a stunning manner, producing a captivating array of reflections and refractions that elevate the atmosphere of your room.

The unique reversible design of these candlestick holders provides both flexibility and elegance. One end is designed for taper candles, while the other is for votive or pillar candles, giving you the flexibility to adjust your lighting décor for different occasions. These holders create a cozy and welcoming ambiance, casting a warm and flickering light on your table setting, perfect for entertaining your guests. No matter if it's a fancy dinner party or a laid-back get-together, these candle holders will definitely make a statement.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, these blue glass candle holders are just as sturdy as they are aesthetically pleasing. It's simple to keep them clean and looking great, making sure they will be a long-lasting part of your event decor collection. Utilize them to bring a sense of sophistication to your dinner table, mantle, or as a part of a decorative arrangement for weddings and other significant events. These candlestick holders are essential for any event planner or home decorator due to their classic design and adaptability.

<h3 style="margin-left:0px;">Versatile Reversible Blue Glass Candlestick Holders

Versatile Reversible Blue Glass Candlestick Holders

The distinguishing characteristic of our Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders is their ability to be used in two different ways. This unique design enables you to utilize one side for taper candles and the other side for votive or pillar candles, providing unmatched versatility. If you are throwing a fancy dinner event or a relaxed gathering, these candle holders offer the ideal lighting option for any type of occasion.

Arrange a table with shimmering taper candles casting a cozy, welcoming light. Consider changing things for a cozier ambiance by using votive candles. The design that can be flipped allows you to easily change your decor to match the atmosphere and theme of your event. This versatility not just boosts the visual attractiveness of your area but also brings a useful element to your event organizing resources.

Made with precision and meticulousness, these candle holders are constructed from top-notch glass that is sturdy and simple to maintain. The diamond design brings a sense of refinement and grace, elevating these holders to be a prominent part of any decor. The reversible candlestick holders can be a versatile addition to your decor collection for various occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and holiday dinners.

<h3 style="margin-left:0px;">Elegant and Durable Blue Taper Candle Holders

Elegant and Durable Blue Taper Candle Holders

Our Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders are designed to withstand the test of time, not just for aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality glass, these stands are specifically made to endure frequent use without compromising their beautiful look. The intricate diamond design engraved on the glass gives a sense of elegance, reflecting light to elevate the atmosphere in any space.

The strong design of these candle holders guarantees they will stay steady and safe, no matter if you use taper, votive, or pillar candles. The stability is particularly crucial for occasions focusing on safety. You can confidently put them on your dining table, mantel, or in a centerpiece, knowing they will remain in place and look stunning during your event.

Not only are these candlestick holders long lasting but are also extremely simple to clean. All it requires to keep them in optimal condition is a brief cleaning with a damp cloth. Their classic design ensures they will always be fashionable, making them a wise choice for any event planner or home decorator. Whether you're throwing a small dinner party or a large event, these Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders with Diamond Pattern will bring sophistication and elegance to your decorations.

Décor Ideas Using Blue Glass Candlestick Holders

When it comes to decorating with our Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders, the possibilities are endless. Their elegant design and versatile functionality make them perfect for a variety of settings and themes. For a romantic dinner, place these candlestick holders in the center of your table, surrounded by delicate cloth napkins and a scattering of rose petals. The flickering candlelight reflected in the blue glass creates an intimate and enchanting atmosphere. Alternatively, use them as part of a wedding centerpiece by pairing them with white flowers and silver accents for a timeless and elegant look.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, these candle holders can add a touch of sophistication to your garden or patio. Arrange them on tables alongside disposable dinnerware and string lights for a magical evening under the stars. The sturdy construction ensures they’ll stay put, even if there’s a breeze.

For a modern twist, group several candlestick holders together at varying heights on a mantel or sideboard. This creates a dynamic visual effect and adds depth to your decor. Combine them with artificial flowers and greenery for a fresh and contemporary display that’s easy to maintain. With these versatile blue glass candlestick holders, you can effortlessly elevate the look of any space.

Why Should You Use Blue Glass Candlestick Holders?

The special combination of attractiveness, adaptability, and strength makes these candle holders unique and attractive. These candle holders not only serve as a spot for your candles but also bring a sense of refinement and style to any environment.

Blue glass has an undeniable aesthetic appeal. The deep color and diamond design reflect the light, elevating the atmosphere of any space. Whether you're throwing a formal dinner party or a casual get-together, these candlestick holders create a stunning centerpiece that catches the eye and enhances the overall ambiance.

Furthermore, the reversible candle holders provide exceptional flexibility. You have the option to use one side of the candle holder for taper candles and the other side for votive or pillar candles, making it simple to change your lighting for various occasions and atmospheres. Their ability to be easily adjusted makes them a valuable asset for event organizers looking for versatile decoration choices.

These candle holders are crafted from top-notch glass, guaranteeing they are sturdy and have a long lifespan. They are simple to keep clean and care for, which makes them a convenient option for both professional and personal purposes. When organizing a wedding, birthday party, or holiday dinner, these blue glass candlestick holders will bring an element of elegance and refinement to your decorations.

Advantages of Using Reversible Candlestick Holders

A notable feature of our Blue Glass Taper Candlestick Holders is that they have a design that can be reversed. This new feature offers multiple benefits, making these candle holders a flexible and valuable addition to any collection of decor. You can utilize one side for taper candles and the other for votive or pillar candles, enabling you to easily change your lighting to suit the event. This flexibility is especially handy for event organizers who require decorations that are able to adjust to a variety of themes and environments.

Additionally, the reversible style improves the visual attractiveness of your table decoration. The intricate diamond design carved into the blue glass beautifully reflects the light, crafting a captivating spectacle that enhances the dimension and allure of any room. Whether you're throwing a fancy dinner event or a laid-back get together, these candlestick holders create a striking center of attention that catches the eye and enhances the overall atmosphere.

In the end, the reversible design brings a functional aspect to these candlestick holders. Crafted from premium glass material, these items are long-lasting and simple to maintain, guaranteeing they will be a timeless addition to your decoration assortment for many years.

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Additional Information:

  • Uses: For windowsill and festival tables like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Passover, and Shabbat. They are also applied to Engagements, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Religious ceremonies, and more!
  • Note: Listing is for Candle Holders Only. Candles and other decorations are not included
  • How to Care:

    • Prior to first use, glass pieces should be hand washed individually in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly, and dried with a lint-free cloth.
    • For optimal finish & clarity, clean with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, let stand for a few hours then rinse well and dry with a lint-free cloth.
    • Our glass is produced overseas in extremely large quantities for our wholesale customers, due to transit and mass storage, all vases should be cleaned before use to remove any accumulated dust/dirt.
    • Glass pieces should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. Do not use products in microwaves or conventional ovens.