6 Pcs Turquoise Scented Rose Soap Heart Shaped Party Favors With Gift Box And Ribbon

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Quantity: Set of 6 Soap Roses with Gift Box & Ribbon
Color: Turquoise
Rose Soap Diameter: 1.5"
Rose Soap Height: 1.5"
Gift Box Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
Quality & Features: Dissolve Completely, Rapid, Rich Foam, Delicate Texture, No Fiber
Gift Box With Ribbon Included


Scented Rose Soap

These six mini scented soap rose petals are perfect for a potpourri dish or for an elegant looking table decor. Scatter these petals atop your lovely table linen, and transform your banquet table into a scented rose garden. Give these away to your esteemed guests in their beautifully designed and ribbon decorated heart shaped box as a doting favor for weddings, showers, anniversaries, or birthdays. Your guests will marvel these adorable tokens of love that appear quite pricey yet won't cost much!


Soap with Gift Box

Transform your home or event's space into a fragrant rose garden by decorating it with our lovely rose shaped soap petals that look enchanting and smell heavenly! These intricately handcrafted six mini scented soap petals come in a beautifully designed gift box decorated with matching glossy satin ribbon. You can add a personal touch by adding your monogrammed labels, tags, stickers, flowers, or bows in the matching hue of your wedding day theme.


Soap Party Favors

Decorate your tables by scattering these atop your swish table linen, or place in a potpourri dish to enchant the entire ambiance. These soap petals make a hearty favor with their charming heart-shaped gift box and a complementing ribbon. Let your guests take the sweet scent of your special day along to their homes and cherish the lovely memories by adding an aromatic floral touch to their home décor.


Additional Information:

  • Uses: Favors, Gifts, Tabletop Decoration, Souvenirs, Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, and Party Giveaways
  • Directions for use:
    • Handwash: Peel off one petal, wet hands and rub
    • Bathing: Add a handful of petals into your bath tub with half-filled warm water