6W Bright White LED Backdrop Uplight, Indoor/Outdoor Landscape Spotlight

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Item Includes: 

  • 1 LED Spotlight
  • 1 Spike Stand
  • LED Color: Cool White
    Material: Plastic and LED
    LED Size w/Handle: 5"L x 2.75"W
    LED Only Size: 3"L x 2.75"W
    Spike Stand Height: 6.5"H
    Handle Size: 2"L
    Power: 6W
    Power Cable Length: 19.5"
    Input Voltage: 110-130V
    Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


    Bright White LED Backdrop Uplight

    Exude light and luminosity into your designs and décor with our bright LED spotlights. Create an illuminated atmosphere anywhere and anytime with our LED Up lights that are perfect to splash radiant lights in parties, bar areas, aquariums, kid’s rooms, and dance floor or about anywhere you would like a spray of luminous lights.


    Indoor/Outdoor Bright White LED Landscape Spotlight

    Multi-purpose and durable, these spotlights are ideal for mood lightning, stage light, outdoor patio, accent lightning, backdrop lightning etc. Designed to highlight the area of attention, these lights will change the lighting dynamics of the entire ambiance.


    Illuminating Bright White LED Party/Event Spotlight

    These spotlights lend you ample light just when you need it, from a fascinating stage, or an antique painting to the collection of your favorite knick-knacks or a countertop. The energy-efficient LEDs help in reducing the electricity consumption. With a built-in pike, these spotlights can be installed in ground to create fanciful lighting effects.


    Additional Information:

    • LED Top Inner Diameter: 1.75"
    • LED Top Outer Diameter: 2.25"
    • LED Base Diameter: 1.5"
    • Plug is UL Approved
    • Item comes with Pike which can be installed onto the LED already screwed in the Pike.
    • Pike is used to dig into Soil or surfaces where it can be dug into so it stands
    • LED where Pike is installed on can move Up/Down and be used to set the LED to your preference
    • Uses: Wedding, Party, Birthday, Outdoor, Events, Stage Decoration

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item requires a 110V voltage jack to use. If you have 220V plugs like most countries outside of USA do, you will require a converter. If our 110V item is plugged directly into a 220V jack, it will cause a malfunction in the wiring and the item will break. We will not be held liable for machine damage or any other damages attributed to not following directions.