7ft Metal Wedding Arch, Flower Frame Arbor Backdrop Stand

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Quantity: 1 Arch
Material: Metal
Color: White
Height: 85" | 7.10ft
Width: 60" | 5ft
Depth: 15" | 1.25ft
Easy to assemble
With removable sections for the desired length


Metal Wedding Arch

Introducing our exquisite Metal Wedding Arch - the perfect addition to any event or wedding backdrop. Standing tall at 7.10 ft, this arch will create a breathtaking focal point that will leave guests in awe. The metal frame arbor backdrop stand is an excellent choice for those looking for a lavish and sophisticated design that will transform any event into a dreamy setting.


Easy Assembly and Lightweight

Our metal wedding arch is lightweight and easy to assemble, a fantastic way for event planners or DIY enthusiasts to jazz it up woth their creative ideas. It comes with removable sections that can be easily adjusted to your desired length, making it a versatile option for any event. It can serve as a standalone wedding arbor, or can be incorporated into pipe & drape backdrops for a more elaborate design. This feature also makes it easy to transport, store, and reuse for future events.


Stunning Design

The design of our metal wedding arch is what truly sets it apart. It features a sleek and modern metal design that is sure to impress guests. Made with high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the wear and tear of multiple events. This makes it a cost-effective option for event planners and individuals looking for a long-lasting solution for their event decor needs. The metal construction also ensures that the arch will remain stable and secure, even in outdoor settings. Additionally, the arch can be decorated with flowers, lights, or other decorative elements to match your event theme or color scheme. The metal wedding arch is a top-quality event decor piece that is sure to create a memorable backdrop for any occasion.


Additional Information:

  • Contains: 4 bags of rods (total 35 rods) and 1 bag of screws (total 22)
    • Bag A & B: 4 rods
    • Bag C: 12 rods
    • Bag D: 8 rods
    • Bag E: 11 rods