8" DIY Clear Acrylic Tiered Cupcake Cake Stand Tubes, Dessert Tower Poles

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Size: 8"

Quantity: 1 Cake Stand Tube
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Tube Height: 8"
Tube Diameter: 1.5"
Tubes are hollow inside for you to decorate
To build a cake tier, you will need 2 plates + 1 tube. Each is sold individually.
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Clear Acrylic Tiered Cake Stand Tubes

It’s time to live your DREAMS! Design, decorate, and dazzle your guests and friends with the eye-catching cake table and dessert table presentations at your upcoming special event. Let the DIY factor take your imaginations and dreams to the next level with these clear acrylic cake stand tubes. Create and design your own cake stands with tiers and tiers of different sized cake plates exhibiting your scrumptious cakes, cupcakes, desserts, tarts, and other sweet creations. The hollow inside of these tubes can be filled with flowers, stems, acrylic ice crystals, jelly filler balls, glitter, and other colored items to match your theme.


Sturdy Clear Dessert Tower Poles

The extraordinary quality of these acrylic tubes will surely amaze you. Search for different sized acrylic plates to create your very own lovely cake display stands, complement with acrylic candlesticks, chandelier centerpieces, acrylic vases and jars to make sparkling party ambiance. Design and create your own cake stands and dessert table presentations with our exciting range of acrylic cake stand tubes. These tubes can be used with our acrylic cake plates that are available in a variety of sizes to give you choice of multi-sized and multi-tiered cake stands.


Classic Clear Acrylic Tubes

The premium quality see-through acrylic tubes are hollow from inside, this means you can fill them with your favorite adornments like flowers, glitter stems, acrylic ice crystals, jelly filler balls, pearls, petals, glitters, confetti, and any other colored item to match your theme. Create an exotic table display by surrounding your DIY cake stands with acrylic candlesticks, chandelier centerpieces, vases, jars, and pots.


Additional Information:

  • There are 5 sizes available now (see size variants). You can arrange your own cake stands to perfectly fit any of purposes.
  • Each tube is 1.5" diameter, hollow inside for you to decorate.  Ranges from 6" tall to 18" tall.
  • Each order is for 1 tube only.
  • Uses: Birthday, Wedding, Party, Cake Decoration
HOW TO USE: when putting the plates and tubes together, insert tube into the plate hole, once tight and firm, that's it, you're done, top your cake, cupcakes and wedding favors on the display plate. Do not keep pressing tube all the way in when assembly is already tight/firm, as this may cause the plate to break. *stands sold separately.