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9FT Tall X 19FT Wide Adjustable Balloon Arch Stand Kit - 400 Balloon Capacity

Item Number: BLOON_STAND01

$49.99 Sale Price
$86.99 Retail Price

  • Color: White
  • Height : 9 Ft
  • Width : 19 Ft
  • Balloon Capacity : 400 (Approx)
  • 2 Fillable Bases
  • 2 Connector Tubes
  • 12 Foldable Arch Connector Poles
  • Fill bases with sand or water
  • Features : Indoor, Outdoor, Backdrop

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This arch is portable, detachable and collapsible, that means you can create an eye-catching decoration anywhere and anytime without breaking the banks! Simply add normal latex or foil balloons from our amazing range of party balloons in the colors and style that complements your party theme to create an enchanting spectacle all your guests will enjoy.

Plant this arch at your events entrance or make a striking backdrop with our foil banners, foil letters and numbers, accompanied by hundreds of bloated balloonsoozing oodles of gleeful merriment all around. These arches make an ideal accent at weddings, birthday bashes, anniversaries, showers, business banquets, graduation parties, holiday events, or wherever one needs an attractive entryway or focal point. Some assembly required.

* Additional Information:
* Arch Color-white
* Water Square Base - 2 PCS (Each base size - 13" wide x 13" long x 6" tall )
* Connector Tube - 2 PCS (8.5" long x 2.25" diameter)
* Long Tube - 12 PCS
* Max Size When Installed : 9ft Tall and 19ft Wide
* Tip : Use Sand or Water to Weigh it down and make it more stable.

Note: Balloons and other decorations are not included

How to Install the Balloon Arch Kit

1. Fill up both balloon arch bases with water.

2. Stick the PVC tubes to the large bases

3. Put 10 poles altogether

4. Put about 35 balloon ring clips through the poles (Not Included)

5. Connect the 10 poles with PVC poles sticked on the large water fillable base to form an balloon arch frame.

Uses - Wedding, Ceiling Decoration, Hanging Decor, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Prom Nights




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