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DIY Adjustable Gold Pearl Beaded Table Floor Candelabra Centerpiece, Metal With Crystal Chandelier Pendants

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Quantity: 1 Candelabra Centerpiece
Materials: Metal | Crystal


  • As Floor Candelabra: 5ft. (2 poles) tall
  • As Table Centerpiece: 3ft. (1 pole) tall
  • Base Width: 10"
    Total # of Candleholders: 6

    Candleholder Dimensions:

  • Length: 4"
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Inner Holder Size: 2"
  • Total # of Chains: 18 (3 Chains/Holder)
    Chain Length: 4"
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    Pearl Beaded Candelabra

    Combining glamorous glint of finely polished metal with glossy pearl luster and sparkling crystal pendants, our new outstandingly tall Gold Metal Pearl Crystal Pendant Candelabra will elevate your space to beyond memorable! Standing almost 56 inches high, proudly stretching its arms cupping stunning pearl embedded holders with glimmering clear crystal chains dangling elegantly, our glam Candelabra is an emblem of timeless beauty and elegance.

    Metal Floor Candelabra

    Round spacious holders feature rows and rows of pearl beads surrounded by shiny gold rings and shimmering crystal pendant chains swinging down romantically, oozing surreal sparkle even with the slightest amount of light. The glistening chrome finish is reflective and adds class and glamour to your party tables, candle display, floor decor, and more. Make magnificent Centerpiece Decor by lighting Tapers, Votive, or Pillar Candles.

    Table Centerpiece

    Add colorful silk rose petals to the bottom with a flame-less LED Candle, or top with our Flower Balls, Pom Pom Balls, and Bouquets for a refreshing Flower Display, employ in lining an aisle or as a main focal point. Use extension poles to extend the height of this lofty masterpiece to make gorgeous floor candelabra. Give your guests a bedazzling spectacle to behold by pairing this elite piece with our baroque Metal and Crystal Candle Stands, Cake Stands, Centerpiece Risers, Chandeliers, Floor Vases, and other ornate decorations.

    Additional Information:

    • Base Thickness: 8"
    • Chain Length: 4"
    • Total Pearls: 420 (70 Pearls / Holder)
    • Product is shipped unassembled to avoid damage in transit
    • Perfect for Table Centerpiece as well as Walkways, Entryways, On stage Decoration!