Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Backdrop Drape Curtain, Privacy Photo Booth Event Divider Panel with Rod Pocket - 5ftx12ft

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Quantity: 1 Backdrop
Material: Velvet
Color: Sage Green
Overall Size: 5ft Wide x 12ft Height
Thickness: 1mm
Fabric Quality: 180 GSM
Edges: Serged
Serge Length: 0.25"
Rod Pocket: 3"
There is an insert/pocket for the rod/pole to hang the item.
Perfect for room divider, pair with backdrop stand.


<strong>Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel</strong>

Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel

Add some luxury to your venue with this opulent Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel. It's designed for backdrops, photo booths, and sophisticated event areas. Its rich, smooth texture oozes quality due to the high-quality velvet fabric from which this curtain panel is designed—great for radiating opulence and class.

Not only does this beautiful divider curtain panel instill flair in your room, but it does also elevates the functionality of the item. This curtain panel is eye-catching, with its lush sage green color offering a touch of natural elegance, which works well with most of the décor-themes, yet it makes a statement to be great for your weddings, corporate parties, and even home decorations.

Make your space look and feel great. The 5-foot-by-12-foot dimensions make for perfect coverage for a myriad of applications. The built-in rod pocket facilitates easy hanging and removal—demonstrating versatility with this curtain in your toolkit for event design, or for any other reason throughout your home. This velvet curtain panel is of top quality and will make you create chic and stylish backdrops as well as intimate spaces.

<strong>Décor Ideas for Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider</strong>

Décor Ideas for Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider

Elevate your event or home decor with this Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel. Its design is perfect for a variety of uses. Use this curtain panel at weddings to design a ceremony backdrop or wall for a photo booth. The velvet is so lush and calm-colored, perfect for a romantic, elegant, and great look for those amazing memories on your special day.


Used in a corporate environment, a velvet curtain panel could serve as a room divider or as a posh background to lend the right note of style to your event. Pair it with appropriate lighting and trendy furniture to give a stylish yet inviting look to the room.

As an item of home décor, the Sage Green Velvet Curtain Panel is absolutely apt for adding a touch of luxury to living spaces. This curtain panel can be used to split one large room into smaller nooks that are more private or rooms for reading. Its sophisticated look and soft texture make it an elegant accessory in every room; it could be a window treatment, a bed chamber, or a decorative wall hanging. It is a versatile and stylish curtain panel that can be used for endless possibilities.

<strong>When to Use Sage Green Velvet Divider Curtain</strong>

When to Use Sage Green Velvet Divider Curtain

The Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel is the top pick amongst event planners and home decorators. A key feature of this product is the luxurious velvet fabric. Velvet represents richness in texture, making the ambiance look elevated to another level. Even the smooth, soft material of this fabric feels so nice against your skin and looks opulent and sophisticated on your event tables, thereby it will be ideal for those special occasions when one needs the decor to look both elegant and casual.

With its 5 by 12 feet dimension, the curtain panel has innumerable purposes to serve. Be it using it as a backdrop, to create a little enclosed private area in a big room, to create a photo booth with style, or to prepare a fabulous wedding or corporate event, this curtain panel will serve all these needs. The rod pocket design ensures hanging and taking down it is a breeze, so it is a convenient solution in both temporary and permanent settings.

From the aesthetic point of view, the sage green color of this wonderful curtain panel provides exceptional vibe, adding a touch of elegance to your interior. This soft natural hue complements other color schemes and décor styles, creating a calming and sophisticated backdrop. Let this versatile, and stylish sage green velvet curtain panel spice up your home decor and create a bold visual appeal in any event.

Advantages of Using the Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel

This Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel is the best choice for event planners and home decorators since it has a number of benefits. One of the most important benefits is its high-quality velvet material. Velvet shows great texture and trendy looks, giving the space an elegant lift in grace. This smooth, soft fabric feels wonderful on touch and also adds luxurious and sophisticated vibr to your decor. Perfect for special occasions and upscale settings, this curtain with its 5x12-foot measurement gives tremendous coverage.

One of the biggest benefits of the curtain panel is its adaptability. Its size fits anything, meaning it will not be too big for room setting. Whether you are designing an appealing photo booth backdrop, or adding decor to a special wedding or corporate event, this curtain can adapt to your needs. Having simple rod pocket design, it is very easy to install and take down, which makes it an extremely versatile solution for temporary or permanent applications.

The soft natural hue merges with multiple color schemes and décor styles and stands versatile, classy, and statement-worthy, be it augmenting a home setting with a touch of luxurious décor or adorning an event setup with clear visual appeal. One of the classiest options you will not want to overlook is sage green velvet curtains.

Design Options for Sage Green Velvet Backdrop Curtain

The Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel can be part of an event design that usually carves out a theme pertaining to the overall ambiance. It beautifully sets the stage, with the curtain panel used as a basic backdrop for the general stage or focal area of an event. Your event stage will look stunning with luxurious velvet texture and the elegance of soft sage green color will elevate the event's ambiance. Addition of lovely lighting and pretty floral arrangements will complete the look.

Another design option is to use the curtain panel to create intimate spaces within a larger venue. For instance, at wedding receptions, the curtain panel can be used to section off a cozy lounge space or private dining space for the bridal party. This smooth, rich fabric will add to a little touch of privacy, yet boast the look of elegance. With the combination of comfortable seating and nice decorative accents, use this curtain to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming area for guests to relax.

This Sage Green Velvet Curtain can be used for professional and trendy booths or even meeting areas at corporate events. This sophisticated style will create a polished look making your booth or meeting area standout. The curtain panel can be used as a background to the branding and promotional materials. It's not just appealing to the eye; it also offers a nice and professional setup for networking and business discussion.

How Do I Care For And Clean The Velvet Curtain Panel?

To keep your Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel looking and feeling its most luxurious, you will need to clean it carefully. Velvet fabrics can only accommodate the gentlest of care. Use a soft brush or run an upholstery attachment across your curtain on a regular basis to remove the dirt and dust that accumulate on the surface. For deeper cleaning, use a mild detergent and water to spot clean any stains, blotting gently with a soft cloth. Avoid heavy rubbing of the fabric to prevent damage. If the curtain is heavily soiled, consider dry cleaning for a proper, safe cleansing.

The Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel is ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors. If used outdoors, place the curtain in an area where it will not get direct sunlight or in a place where it will receive moisture, as this will destroy the velvet fabric. You will also want to bring it inside when you are not using it to prolong its life. You can use your curtain during outdoor events to add a touch of fashion as a tent or pavilion division or as a photo booth.

The Sage Green Premium Smooth Velvet Divider Backdrop Curtain Panel installs easily. A rod pocket design means it slips right through onto your curtain rod with ease. Begin ensuring that your curtain rod is properly installed in the location where you want the curtain to be installed. Then gently slide the rod through the pocket located at the top of the curtain panel. Let the panel fall and adjust the fabric until it hangs evenly and smoothly. If the space is bigger or for a big event, you may have to use some extra added panels to get the right coverage.

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Additional Information:

  • Order is for Velvet Backdrop only. Other accessories not included.
  • It is one-sided velvet only.
  • Do not put under Direct Sunlight to dry to avoid fading of colors.
  • Uses: Decorative Accent for Events, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Restaurants, Quinceanera, Catered Presentations, Theaters, Bridal and Baby Showers, Buffets, Trade Shows, Wedding Stages, Photo Shoots, Musical Events.