Set of 4 Vintage Gold Metal Taper Candle Holders with Sturdy Round Base, Traditional Pillar Candle Base Candlestick Holders - 2.5",3"

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Quantity: 4 Candle Holders (2 Styles)
Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Style: Cylindrical Top With Wide Round Base
Small Candle Holder Size: 2.5"H x 2.5"W
Large Candle Holder Size: 3"H x 2.5"W
Candle Cup Diameter: 1.25"
Candle Cup Depth: 0.75"
Features: High Quality Metal, Sturdy Base, Durable, Resistant to Rust, Smooth Surface
Fits all standard size taper candles


<strong>Vintage Gold Metal Candle Holders </strong>

Vintage Gold Metal Candle Holders

Introducing our Vintage Gold Metal Taper Candle Holders - a flawless addition that your decor has been missing! Each candle holder is expertly crafted with a stunning antique gold finish, adding an element of elegance to any space they adorn.

These holders are both visually appealing and extremely reliable. Featuring strong circular bottoms, they guarantee your candles stay steady and upright, producing a cozy, flickering ambiance that improves the warm atmosphere. Whether you're enhancing the dining table, giving flair to the mantelpiece, or setting a comfortable atmosphere near your bedside, these holders are versatile for every task. They are ready to hold candles of any size, ranging from 2.5 inches to 3 inches in height. Whether you are planning a formal dinner affair or simply unwinding at home, these holders are essential for setting the perfect ambiance.

Crafted with great care and meticulous attention to detail, these candle holders are not just decorative but also built to last. Fashionable and durable, these items are made from high-quality metal. Thus, go ahead and include them in your home decor as a consistent element - you won't be disappointed! Add a touch of nostalgia to your living space with these traditional candle holders. Regardless of your preferences, their classic design brings sophistication to any room. Why do you have doubts? Brighten up your evenings with the Vintage Gold Metal Taper Candle Holders. Enable them to bring a cozy, inviting glow to your space, setting the ideal mood for any situation.

<strong>Long-lasting Gold Candle Holder </strong>

Long-lasting Gold Candle Holder

These candle holders are designed for durability. Designed to last, these gold candle bases are constructed from high-quality metal to guarantee their longevity. Therefore, by investing in these holders, you are not only receiving style but also ensuring reliability. These candle bases are long lasting and will always be present when you need them, bringing an extra level of charm to your collection of home decorations.

Add a touch of classic elegance to your home decor with these candlestick holders. Their classic design is reminiscent of the past, bringing a sense of elegance to any room they are placed in. The gold color resembles fairy dust that adds a touch of luxury that enhances any interior style, whether classic or contemporary.

Whether you choose to showcase them separately on various surfaces or group them together as a striking centerpiece, they will create an alluring presentation that will surely grab attention and receive praise from both guests and loved ones. It is the pure pleasure of candlelight taken to a higher degree of sophistication and refinement.

<strong>Traditional Gold Pillar Candle Base </strong>

Traditional Gold Pillar Candle Base

Elevate your everyday experiences with these stunning gold candle holders to make them unique and special. Whether you're hosting a holiday gathering or simply unwinding at home, they help establish a comforting and peaceful ambiance in your environment.

Experience the sheer delight of nights lit by candles with these Lovely Gold Metal Taper Candle Holders. They add to the attractiveness of your home decoration and create a unique brightness that transforms each moment into a cherished memory.

Additional Information:

  • Note: Candles and other accessories are not included!
  • How to Care: Wipe Clean with Soft Dry Cloth
  • Uses: Home Decor, Housewarming Gift, Wedding Centerpiece, Birthdays, Anniversary, Restaurant, Garden, Shop, Bar, Coffee Table, and more.