Set of 5 Nude Spandex Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stand Covers, Stretchable Pedestal Pillar Prop Covers - 160 GSM

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Quantity: Set of 5 Display Stands Covers
Material: Spandex
Color: Nude

Cover Sizes:

  • S: 19.5"H x 11"W
  • M: 21.5"H x 12"W
  • L: 23.5"H x 12.5"W
  • XL: 29.5"H x 14"W
  • XXL: 35.5"H x 16"W
Thickness: 160 GSM
Use it with our Set of 5 Acrylic Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stands
Features: Lightweight, pullover cover to get a snug fit, easy to slip on and take off


Nude Spandex Pedestal Stand Covers

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your event and create a visually appealing atmosphere? Look no further – we’ve got you covered with our Spandex Display Box Stand Covers. Crafted from high-quality spandex material, these covers stretch seamlessly over our Acrylic Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stands. Adding a pop of color and an indisputable touch of class to any event, they are sure to elevate the visual impact of your gathering to the next level!

Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stand Covers

These covers offer wrinkle-free usage that is incredibly easy to put on and take off. Despite their smooth texture, they are incredibly durable, making them successful in standing the test of time. Whether used just once or reused multiple times, these covers will certainly make your event stand out with their perfect blend between enhanced aesthetic and durability!

Elegant Wedding Pillar Stand Covers

Instantly upgrade your dessert display with these spandex pillar covers. These elegant fabric covers stretch to fit perfectly onto our Acrylic Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stands adding instant visual elegance and blending seamlessly with your event themes and color schemes. Plus, the wrinkle-free texture ensures a perfect, crisp finish every time. It's simple to put on and take off too – so you can quickly move around rooms or change up themes as needed. Not only does it add a pop of color – but it's also incredibly durable for long-term use at multiple events or locations. Take your event experience to a new level with the Spandex Pedestal Stand Covers!

Additional Information:

  • How to Care: Machine Washable, Tumble Dry, Low Heat
  • Listing is for Spandex Pillar Covers only. Stands or other accessories are not included.
  • Uses: Wedding Decoration, Ceremony, Party Decor, Baby Shower, Shopping Mall, Stores, Home Decor