Enthralling Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Wedding


Thanksgiving and wedding receptions have quite a lot in common. An elaborate table set up, a sumptuous feast, and all your loved ones gathered around you to revel and rejoice are some of the conspicuous similarities between both the occasions. Thinking of merging the two events into a grand Thanksgiving wedding? We think it’s a great idea! Whether you have booked your wedding venue for the fourth Thursday of November or sometime around it, plan a Thanksgiving inspired wedding and gather your friends and family to be a part of the most eventful day of your life. November is the perfect time of year to tie the knot, but throwing Thanksgiving into the mix will make your wedding day extra special and momentous.  We have mustered up some great décor ideas for you to incorporate into your Thanksgiving wedding decorations.

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Create your own Tree of Thanks!

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Products Used: Wedding Favor Tags Manzanita Centerpiece Tree Chambury Casa Burlap Cord

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