Festive Holiday Decor Ideas To Infuse Merry Spirit!

Christmas Christmas decoration Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas holiday decor Holiday Ideas Holidays Home Decor

Christmas countdown has already started which means the holiday season is on, so are you ready to set the festive holiday mood throughout your house? From decking up the halls and rooms to the front door wreaths, fireplace stockings and not to forget those classic Christmas pine trees, set the loveliest of holiday arrangements and make this holiday season the perfect one. Apart from buying gifts and preparing big meals, many of us find it difficult to give our homes a jovial holiday decor for the holidays. But there is no excuse for it, as all of us want to see our homes decked with festive decorations like ones showcased in holiday magazines. So, what are you waiting for? Infuse jollity all around this festive season by giving a unique holiday decor to your place and make your home reflect merry spirit and festive feel. To help you fire your inspiration up, we have listed some delightful winter holiday decor ideas. Feast your eyes on them and give yourself a jolly good time by decorating your home for this holiday season. Happy Holiday!

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Warm and Welcoming Winter Home Makeover Ideas!

Decoration Ideas Holidays Home Decor

The sudden chill in the air and pleasing shift in the sights and sounds of natural surrounding is hinting that most enchanting and festive time of the year is upon us. Yes, we are talking about winters, our favorite season when festive jubilancy is at its peak. The cool temperatures and mesmerizing snow powdered landscapes, bring out the holiday cheer in everyone. Winter is the season to relax and cuddle up! It’s the time when there are frequent family visits, holiday parties and most importantly a time to embark on a home makeover by adding those cool seasonal touches into our space to make it our own. Beat those winter blues by transforming the bare and boring look of your home space into somewhat more warm and welcoming by giving it a seasonal update with our chic yet simple winter home makeover ideas. Make your home feel festive and look cozy during this winter season and hibernate in style. Happy winters!

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How to Safely Host Parties During Covid

Birthday Parties Event Tips and Tricks Holidays Party Planning

Parties during Covid, are they safe? As states and counties continue to lift the strict lockdown restrictions and life is returning back to normal with businesses and schools opening up again, you may be wondering if it’s possible to safely host parties during Covid. Although the threat of coronavirus is still very real, many of us are desperate for some meaningful interaction with friends and family to lift up the spirits and we at Efavormart think that it can be done—with plenty of caveats, of course!  With that being said, there isn’t even a sliver of doubt that our celebrations are going to be a whole lot different!

Whether you’re thinking about how to celebrate birthday during covid or you’re planning to host a get together for this year’s Thanksgiving or Christmas party, you will definitely need to rethink every aspect of your celebration to keep everyone safe and healthy. From modified venue settings and social distancing friendly party games and activities to introducing hand sanitizing stations and using disposable serveware, we have rounded up some amazing tips and pointers for you to make your celebrations as safe as they can be while also ensuring that you and your guests have a great time! After all, we all deserve to loosen it up a bit after months of being cooped up inside our home. So, keep on reading and discover creative and safe ideas to throw a successful soiree to end this year on a high note regardless of how many curveballs it has thrown at you!

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Latest Trending Girls' Holiday Dresses for Special Occasions!

Birthday Parties Christmas Cinderella Theme Holiday Ideas Holidays Patriotic

Holiday dresses are the essence of holiday merriments and when it comes to choosing it for your little girl, it can become a tough task. As the season of festivity has started, you must be on a look out for some trendy and fancy outfits for your little fairy which could satisfy her needs as well as suit the occasion effortlessly. With festivity in the air and special holidays around the corner, you may find it tiresome to choose an attire that complements the season and celebration as well as makes your darling doll look and feel extra elegant. Fret not as we’ve got you covered with plenty of options to dress up your little lady! Cast your eyes over our Girls Special Occasion Dress collection where you will find high-grade holiday dresses for girls of all ages in plethora of style and size options to facilitate you.

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Inspiring Thanksgiving Tablescapes For A Festive Gathering!

Decoration Ideas Holiday Ideas Holidays Party Planning Thanksgiving

Fall comes with lots of fun and festive holidays, a kick off start with Halloween to beautifully leading towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, this blissful season has so much to offer to us. Thanking God for their autumn harvest and all the other success that they have achieved, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on every fourth Thursday of November. A well spent day with friends and family and for giving thanks, Thanksgiving is a festive holiday which marks the harvest season with celebratory meals and festivals of thanks. Thanksgiving meal is the most widely practiced tradition and probably the most important dinner of the year. As a host this holiday might seem a different ball game and to help you combat all that, we have come up with few of our inspiring Thanksgiving Tablescapes ideas that will help you create the perfect tablescape for your Thanksgiving feast. Explore our Thanksgiving Colors collection and get started to rock this festive holiday with some exceptional Thanksgiving Tablescapes.

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Fall in Love with These Five Fun & Fearsome Fall Inspired Place Settings

Autumn Holiday Ideas Holidays

With sun shining brightly, warm breeze soothing the senses, and cool colored leaves crunching underfoot, Fall is the season when magic happens. Being the fabulous time of the year to entertain, with lots of abundances and delicious flavors to play with, this charming change in season gives us a perfect chance to switch up our table decor and eat al fresco! Bask in the lush colors of fall with some cozy autumn style table settings. Whether you are hosting a casual pumpkin party, inviting family for a formal dinner, or just a fun night in with closest friends, our fall place setting ideas will take your fall table from casual to classy. Read on and get yourself ready for fall entertaining as we have listed 5 fall-inspired place setting ideas that are fit for your fall parties and don’t forget to look into our Festive Fall Colors Collection to pick the best fall items. Happy Harvest!

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Bid Farewell To Summer With A Perfect Labor Day Party!

Backyard Decoration Ideas DIY Holiday Ideas Holidays Party Planning Patriotic

Labor Day, is a day to respect and honor the social and economic achievements of all the American workers who have contributed their heart and soul in building up the economy. Whether working in a farm, at the plant, in the office or at home, workers are the forceful engine behind any dynamic economy and for that they definitely deserve a day of honor. Held on the first Monday of every September, Labor Day is the perfect occasion to bask in the late summer heat. So, gather all hard workers in your acquaintances and make them feel treasured with a sweet Labor Day party that also bids farewell to sunny summer season. Revel in the refreshing first breeze of early fall and send summer off in the most enchanting way with a festively decorated Labor Day party. Read on as we have pulled together some interesting tips and family-friendly ideas for your end of summer bash, since the summer fun doesn’t have to end just like that. 

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Bring the Coolness of Christmas in July with our Merry Party Ideas!

Christmas Decoration Ideas Holiday Ideas Holidays Home Decor Party Planning

Combining the sensation of sunny summer season with cool Christmas flair is what makes Christmas In July perhaps the most sought after and enjoyable event of the year. One of the best things about this occasion is that you get to enjoy all the amazing things about winter and summer in one go, and get to celebrate your favorite holiday not once, but twice! We love to celebrate Christmas in July! However, as many of the traditional summer vacation activities aren’t taking place or are looking a lot different from what we are used to amidst the virus outbreak. Why not put on a Christmas in July pandemic party to freshen things up a bit at home? This can be an excellent opportunity to create some candid memories in this most unusual of summers.

If you haven’t yet celebrated Christmas in July, you are in for a treat. Though this holiday has been around for over 80 years, originating in North Carolina at a summer camp, not many of us get to celebrate it with the festive merriment that this holiday demands. To give you an early festive kick we have rounded up some of the most festive Christmas in July party ideas, at a time when there aren’t too many holidays being celebrated. Read on to find some cool ways to celebrate Christmas in July by staying home and satisfy your craving for cooler weather and holiday cheer during the hottest month of the year.

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