3 Golden Ways to Party into the New Year!

3 Golden Ways to Party into the New Year!


Do you enjoy hosting a fun New Year’s Eve party each year? Is it the usual get-together with food, drinks, and friends or is it a fun themed event? If you answered yes to the first choice it’s time to spice your party up this year with a fun theme to celebrate the coming New Year!  Fill your party space with glitter decorations, fun games and favors that match your theme. If you need help picking a theme, here’s our top 3 new year’s themed party ideas:

Back In Time Theme – Decorate your space with hourglasses, clocks, and timers and have everyone dress in clothing from their favorite year/decade. Play trivia games that ask different questions from years past.

Glitter and Gold Theme – Tell guests this is their time to shine and that glitter and sequins are a must! Decorate the party space with glitter decorations, metallic streamers and ribbon. Dress is your best shiny sequin attire. Let everyone know this is a symbol of a bright new year to come!

Big Dreams for 2013 Theme – Make your party a pajama party and decorate with pillows, blankets, clouds and star favors, etc. If you are ready to make breakfast, turn this party into a new year’s slumber party. Give awards for best pajamas and such!

So, grab your glitter decorations, pajamas, and watch and throw the best new year’s eve bash yet. Tell us some of your favorite themes you’ve done or attended in the past. For all your decorating needs visit eFavorMart.com!