5 Essentials to Make Glittering Wedding Centerpieces

5 Essentials to Make Glittering Wedding Centerpieces


You have the dresses picked out, the tuxes fitted, and the invitations are sent out, but what about the wedding centerpieces for your beautiful reception? As long as you have 5 essential pieces you can make different variations of beautiful wedding centerpieces. Use the essential items to make bridal shower centerpieces then change up the items for a completely new look at your wedding! 

Here are your 5 essential pieces:

  • Vases – You can put whatever you’d like in a simple vase in the center of each table. Some ideas are water, flowers, crystal gems, floating candles, etc.
  •  Glitter branches and flowers – These are the newest trend for wedding centerpieces. Gorgeous branches and flowers covered in glitter look beautiful with just the right lighting.
  • Sparkling gems – The gems give a classy and sparkling touch to your table and centerpiece. Put in your vase or sprinkle around the table.
  • >Candles – Place candles floating in water in your vase or surrounding the centerpiece to create a warm glow to accent the wedding centerpieces.

Artificial flowers – These flowers won’t die on you! Place them in water or in the vase. You can even sprinkle petals on the table.

Now that you have all of your pieces you can begin playing around with different ideas to figure out what wedding centerpieces work best for you. Set up different looks, take pictures, and then compare to see which you love best. If you need some extra opinions invite your bridesmaids over to assist you! Check out all these essential wedding centerpiece items at eFavorMart.com!