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5 Winter Decorations Must Have’s for 2013

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Using certain decorations during the holidays can help you create a beautiful winter wonderland that will awe your guests. These lovely decorations surpass typical holiday decorations and can be used for winter weddings, anniversaries and galas.

  1. Party Backdrops. Start with a beautiful focal point by creating party backdrops.
  2. White Tulle. Use white tulle for romantic party backdrops or a shimmering glitter option for a birthday or anniversary.
  3. Fairy Lights. Add fairy lights to the tulle or other fabric to create a lighted focal point. You can also add flowers to the backdrop for a romantic touch. You can create a similar effect by creating a canopy with the tulle. Next, add beautiful tablecloths to the round or rectangular tables available at the venue. A layered effect creates an attractive feature, such as using white and silver or gold and green options together.
  4. Satin Table Runners. Topping your tablecloths is a simple matter that involves choosing between the attractive options that are available. Satin table runners provide a finished look for the tables while layered white tulle can create the illusion of a snowy landscape.
  5. Acrylic Ice. Centerpieces that incorporate frosted acrylic ice make lovely holiday centerpieces. Holiday centerpieces are perfectly accented with glitter branches and acrylic beads that make the centerpiece sparkle alongside a bright tablecloth. 

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