6 Last-Minute Memorial Day Party Decorations

6 Last-Minute Memorial Day Party Decorations


Though most of us associate Memorial Day with a backyard cookout, it’s an important holiday to honor Americans that died in active military service. But how to take an ordinary BBQ gathering to a whole new level of patriotism? It’s a snap with these six easy and fun decoration ideas.

Make a foundation

Creating a tablescape is just like painting a picture, so let the tablecloth be your canvas. As a foundation for your patriotic table setting, you can use our blue-white or red-white checkered tablecloth, runner, or table skirt. Don’t like checkered linens? Not to worry, these ever-lovable stripes will do as well. Keep your chairs nice and white with round chair covers.

Patriotic votive candles

Nothing says celebration like votive candles. To transform these little luminaries into downright “patriots”, put them into our clear candle holders adorned with red and blue rhinestone diamond-shaped and star-shaped stickers!

Get mason jars involved

Mason jars are still all the rage, so why not turn them into “flag vases” for a floral centerpiece. For this stunning (and budget-friendly) DIY project, you’ll need just a trio of mason jars, acrylic paint, and a paint brush! Two coats of paint will be enough to make these charms flawless.

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If you are looking for a festive hanging decoration, craft a patriotic windsock. All you need is a bunch of red, white, and blue ribbons, a couple of tulle bolts (also in patriotic colors), a glue gun, and an embroidery hoop. When everything is ready, just loop thinner ribbons around the hoop and hot glue the thicker ones. As for the tulle, glue it to the inside of the hoop. To hang the windsock, you can also use ribbons.

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Add some ”blues”!

Got dark blue vases? They’ll make a vibrant contribution to your Memorial Day cookout if you complement them with fresh-cut (or craft) red and blue flowers or used them as flag stands. Place them throughout your table and wait for multiple “wows” from your guests!

…and some edible hues!

Go creative and make edible masterpieces this Memorial Day! For example, you can use red from strawberries or raspberries, blue from blueberries, and white from creams to create “artistic” desserts. For a more elegant appearance, consider our disposable glasses and cups. However, you shouldn’t make these yummies too beautiful to eat (just kidding, nothing can stop people on their way to something really delicious).

Interested? Besides the suggested ideas, you can also paint stars on your lawn, place tiny flags everywhere, create funny hats out of paper cups – and that’s only the icing on the cake. Either way, don’t hesitate to use DIY supplies from eFavormart to host the most memorable Memorial Day celebration!