A Favor Bottle for All of your Wedding Wishes

A Favor Bottle for All of your Wedding Wishes


If there is one thing we wish for you – it would be that all of your dreams come true. While it seems hard to believe – we have a way to make your wedding wishes a reality – that’s with our wish keeper favors. Whether as gifts for your bridal party, wishes for your wedding guests, or even wish keepers to fill as a shower favor – these clear bottles are the wedding supplies of dreams!

If you wish for it – there’s a great way to fill your favor bottle.

Better Skin – Fill the bottle with a soothing oil or balm.

True Love – Fill with hearts and a rolled up piece of paper listing your dream love.

Success – Lucky charms, cut out shamrocks, and a rainbow of glitter – glittering horseshoes, “7” pieces, and stars are all lucky charms.

Fertility – A tiny paper rose or decorative flower tied around the bottle. The bottle symbolizes the life that will soon fill it – as babies fill our lives.

Wealth – Tiny acrylic diamonds around a tightly wound bill. Keep a tight hand on your finances after the wedding!

Luck – Imagine how sweet a treat a bottle filled just with the lucky charms marshmallows would be!

What do you wish for? Share with us in the comments!