All About Pomander Balls!




Wrapped Boxwood Kissing Ball
Items Used: This customized Kissing Ball is Christmas inspired, but can be used in all occasions and to match your theme with different ribbon or flowers. The first step is to tie a ribbon around the kissing ball like you would do to a gift, and finish it off with a bow on top. (Making sure that the ribbon used to hang the kissing ball is on top). After it is tied, glue the flowers on the knot of the bow.


Burlap Ribbon Rose Kissing Ball
Items Used: Add some extra flair to your kissing ball with some ribbon and flowers. For this custom kissing ball, we twirled around ribbon and gluing them into the core of the ball. (A less messy option would be to use T-Pins) Silk Craft flowers are then glued onto the core, adding in an extra color accent.


Sunny Yellow Rose Kissing Ball
Items Used: Simple goes a long way with these kissing balls. If you want a variety of flowers and colors on your kissing ball, simply just add in some more flowers onto the core. For this customized kissing ball, we used green craft roses and white lilies to accent the bright yellow.