Are Tablecloths More Sanitary?

A tablecloth is just not a ‘mere piece of cloth’ to cover the tabletop, in fact it is the basis for any décor. Available in a variety of materials, shades, and designs, fabric tablecloths will effortlessly dress up your tables for stylish and chic décor. For outdoor carnivals, culinary events, weddings, indoor tea parties, birthdays, and holiday dinners, choosing outdoor tablecloth will help transform your dining experience into a magnificent feast. No matter what purpose you use tablecloth for, keep the hygiene factor at your top priority. Now the question comes; ‘Are tablecloths more sanitary? Well, we say they are the best table covering for protecting against bacteria and other harmful infections, as they are machine-washable, stain-resistant, and easily get disinfected with a quick wipe. Read along to learn more about the many benefits of swathing your tables with a tablecloth.


Wipe-able & Easy to Disinfect!

Tablecloth transforms your bare tables into regal tablescapes with its colorful dimensions, styles, and textures. With their easy to wipe-clean surface, tablecloths get disinfected in no time with any anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray and keep your space sanitized. Choosing from our plastic tablecloth & vinyl tablecloth collection, you will be able to create a luxurious and stress-free tablescape in no time. If you want to bring an impactful yet hygienic opulent look into your space, opt for our clear vinyl tablecloth protector and without fearing of possible spills and stains, showoff your ornate satin, rosette, or embroidered tablecloths. Our plastic tablecloth collection contains chic tablecloths that will stylishly reveal and showcase your elite spreads and will be a wonderful addition to your table. Guarding your wooden tables against heat damage and germs, these cheap tablecloths will also protect your glass tables from marks and stains.

Durable & Washable!

Providing you with an extra dose of protection, cloth tablecloths from our fabric tablecloth range are easy to wash and can be used multiple times without losing their unique texture and charm. To ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of a tablecloth, it is washed several times, which results in damaging its color and material. Fret not, to take full advantage of the value of your tablecloth, we recommend the following linen care instructions.

For satin tablecloths, wash with cold water or dry clean only because it has a delicate material and for velvet & pintuck tablecloths avoid rubbing the fabric and use hand washing technique. Sequin, organza, & lace tablecloth, should not be machine washed or ironed, spot cleaning is recommended. For burlap, spandex, & polyester tablecloth machine washing is suggested. Keeping safety and personal hygiene as a top priority, using our high-grade wholesale tablecloths will keep your tables clean from germs as they can be washed multiple times.

Waterproof & Accident Repellent!

It is much more sanitary to cover your tables with a tablecloth than having no covering at all, as it will protect your table from any kind of germs & bacteria. Our collection of hard-wearing disposable tablecloths contains stylish table covers that have wipe-able surface, and can easily get disinfected with any sterilizing spray in a matter of minutes while maintaining the hygiene level. If you are having a barbeque dinner, backyard picnic, family feasts, holiday parties, casual eateries or any picnic in the public place, the tables there are used over and over again by other families and are festering field for germs. To ensure that you place your food on a cleaner place, cover them with trendy tablecloths from our outdoor tablecloth assortment that features buffalo check, chevron, polka dots, crushed design PVC plastic or eco-friendly vinyl waterproof tablecloths. With easy to clean and sanitary quality, our plastic tablecloth & vinyl tablecloth collection will take away your worries of any possible infections as their waterproof surface helps you get rid of germs and infections in no time by using any anti-bacterial spray.


Are you still wondering that, Are tablecloth more sanitary? We hope not, ensure the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones by adorning your tables with our wholesale tablecloth collection and turn your dining experience into a safe and stylish one. Explore our selection of tablecloths that offers the widest assortment of wholesale tablecloths in sizes, colors, materials, and designs, and enjoy a purely hygienic dining experience. Don’t forget to leave your remarks in the comment section below!