August’s Pinterest Inspiration Wedding Favor Picks of the Month!

August’s Pinterest Inspiration Wedding Favor Picks of the Month!


Wedding parties are a time to be inspired through the creation of a personalized and thoroughly memorable experience. Creating a romantic ambiance with proper wedding supplies is a huge part of this, but ensuring treasured memories always comes down to the little things, like personalized favors.


Picture Perfect

The newlyweds can share their memories with everyone by making everyone a photographer with the Silver Rose Camera! Just be sure to provide the proper lighting for exposures, and keep this idea in mind for your other celebrations to come.


Romantic Dining

Every guest will eat something. This means utensils are necessary, and you have an opening to accomplish two tasks in one. The Heart Spoon Favor is sure to catch your guests off guard, and wait until they read the inscriptions!


Spice of Life

This one works especially well for those serving a full meal. Heart-shaped or bride/groom salt and pepper shakers are practical wedding supplies doubling as gifts. Choose the embracing shakers for even more fun.


Staying Dry

You can always count on moist eyes at a party, but who thinks about the moist glasses? Stop the condensation with the unique Heart Glass Coaster. A set of four costs less than most personalized favors, and everyone needs a coaster!


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