Bedazzle your favors with Rhinestones!



Favors can come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some could come with outrageous patterns, while some are a bit more subtle. Whatever your favor might end up looking like, your guests will appreciate the fact that they can come home with a little piece of your event. That shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful favor that matches your event theme. It can liven up the table décor and give you guests something to tinker with before your programming begins.

In addition to having a vast array of Favor Boxes and Favor Decorations, we carry many products for customization and personalization, so if you are having trouble finding the perfect favors to go with your event, you can just create them yourself! These photos feature some of our newest decorations for favors; Stick-on Rhinestones. We have the available individually, in various sizes and shapes and also as premade shapes such as the hearts and the letters on the photos above. So now that you have decorated boxes and bags, what should you put in them? We also carry many prepackaged items for favors; Salt Shakers, Cookie Cutters, Coasters, Bottle Stoppers and much more!