Bring Meaning to your Decorations with Silk Flowers

Bring Meaning to your Decorations with Silk Flowers



Sure you’ll match the flower colors to your theme, but do you know all of the other meanings behind a flower? When you make the right choice in floral arrangements you’ll be adding another dimension to your decorations. It’s not just about looking pretty, but about the reason and feeling behind the occasion for the party. Here are a few flower facts to help you with your silk flower shopping.

Baby’s breath – this flower means festivities and joy. It’s your perfect backup gal for a bridesmaid arrangement or bridal shower, with its light, graceful touch to the party.

Ivy garland – Not sold on the leafy garland? Did you know that ivy is a symbol of fidelity? What better accent for your wedding than virtuous ivy!

Hydrangea – The hydrangea bushes are a flower of perseverance, gratitude and emotion. For the couple who’ve gone through much to make it to this day or an anniversary party that celebrates years of persevering and shared emotions, the hydrangea with its color and bloom represents all that!

Iris – the iris fosters inspiration and eloquence in you for all things positive. It can be a happy life or just a loving life. For wisdom, choose the purple iris, for faith the blue, and for passion, pick the yellow iris.

What other flowers would you like to learn about?