Can I Use Fake Flowers For My Wedding?

Can I Use Fake Flowers For My Wedding?


There is no denying the fact that a wedding can’t be imagined without flowers—from gorgeous flower bouquets and boutonnieres and artistic flower arrangements on your wedding tables to the romantic aisle décor, flowers are found everywhere as they are the most important décor element that infuses color, joy, and intimate vibes into your wedding ambiance. Although, the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers can’t be compared, ordering fresh seasonal blooms to decorate the venue as per the wedding theme could be a little daunting and expensive. Thanks to the popularity, availability, and impeccable quality of artificial flowers you can effortlessly bring your floral fantasies to life without being worried about your lovely picks fading or withering even before the event ends. The best thing about going faux over fresh is you can get the varieties of fake flowers that match your wedding theme and preferences even if they are out of season as they bloom all year round with endless beauty and freshness. If you are in search of ideas to incorporate silk flower arrangements in your big day decorations and looking for answers to queries such as can I use fake flowers for my wedding, then you are at the right place as we have gathered some valuable tips and tricks to use artificial flowers to create a look that is totally realistic without the hassle and time commitment, and we bet your guests will never be able to tell if the arrangement is faux or real.

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Are Fake Flowers Cheaper For Weddings?

Arranging an exceptionally magical wedding with an exclusive décor that is economical and sustainable is what every couple dreams of and nothing would serve the purpose best than faux flowers emerging as a striking, enduring, and often cheaper, substitute to fresh wedding flowers. Although real flowers have an unmatched beauty, they come with tough maintenance, seasonal availability, and high cost whereas silk flowers, the synthetic version of real blooms come with cost-saving benefits, unlimited designs, colors, styles, lifelike beauty, and uninterrupted supply with no seasonal boundaries. The sad part about decorating your wedding venue with expensive fresh blooms is they all just go to waste right after the event is over whereas artificial flower arrangements can easily be transported home with other treasures from your big day and can be repurposed in your interior décor. So, yes fake flowers are the best option for all those who are looking for ways to bring their wedding decor vision to life without spending a fortune on floral décor and compromising on the beauty of the entire ambiance. Visit efavormart to buy artificial flowers in bulk as we have the most beautiful, colorful, and nearly natural-looking economical fake flowers available to let you experience a luxurious wedding with great savings on your floral décor.

How Much Do Fake Flowers Cost For A Wedding?

Getting your dream wedding flower arrangement, no matter the season, and saving a big chunk of your budget can only be accomplished by going faux while deciding on your wedding blooms. Certainly, artificial flowers are more affordable, long-lasting, and offer you endless design opportunities as they are available in various materials like paper, silk, and foam flowers. From stunning floral centerpieces, splendid bridesmaid tiaras, and vibrant photo backdrops to gorgeous stage décor, fake wedding flowers can cost you anything from $15-$1500 depending on the style, quantity, and size of the flowers you are ordering to add personalization and creativity to your overall wedding style.

How Much Do Silk Bridal Bouquets Cost?

Gathering all the wedding flower inspirations in one place in the form of an awe-inspiring silk bridal bouquet that complements the bridal dress is what makes the newlywed stand out from the crowd. Whether you are opting for a low-key wedding or going all out with grand celebrations, a bridal bouquet is one of the must-haves of your wedding reception. The best thing about a silk flower bouquet is that it can be ordered long before the actual wedding day to help you avoid the hassle of last-minute arrangements that come with their natural counterparts. Although there is no fixed cost of a silk bridal bouquet as it varies in terms of size, design, and the quality you prefer but an average silk wedding bouquet will cost you a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100 as per your likes and desires. Whether you are going for a bright and bold palette or keeping the flower décor to a single tone, we offer a wide range of artificial flower bouquets for you to pick and choose as per your wedding theme and overall venue décor. Check out our romantic range of rose bouquets, pretty peony bouquets, graceful hydrangeas, carnations, & mums and delightful dahlias & daisies to mesmerize your guests with your colorful and creative flower bouquets taking your merry moments to new heights of love, intimacy, and affection.

Certainly, a gorgeous wedding flower arrangement that uplifts your décor theme while keeping the floral costs low is only possible when you opt for artificial flowers to beautify your venue as per your preferred theme. Which of our faux flowers you will be ordering for your upcoming wedding? Do let us know in the comment section below.