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Christmas Party Tips & Checks List

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Christmas comes but once a year! Are you ready for the parties, the dinners, and the office celebrations? Be ready for it all with our Christmas party tips and check list!

  • Are the ornaments and decorations all unpacked? Sometimes we forget a box in the back of the attic – make sure everything is out and with your favorites on full display.
  • Prepare – don’t rush to pull things together at the last minute. Follow this outline for the holiday:
    • A month before – pick a date and send invites – it is a busy time of year after all!
    • Two weeks before – pick a location, table, and gather chairs. Start to order any decorations you’ll need.
    • 7 to 10 days before hand – finalize the RVSP’s to get a rough guest list.
    • 7 days before – set the menu, is anyone bringing a dish?
    • The week beforehand – finish decorating and go food shopping.
  • When it comes to preparing the week of make sure there are enough place settings, napkins, and food for all. One tip from event planner, David Stark, is to stick post its on platters beforehand so your help will know where all the food goes!
  •  Too much food? Send guests home with a Christmas favor box with leftovers – or better yet a sampling of your Christmas cookies! Remember to tie every box off with colorful red and green ribbon.
  • Something for everyone? Don’t forget that not all of your guests will celebrate Christmas. For the first merging of families for the holidays or a simple office party you may find the need to include a menorah, some Kwanza colors and dishes other than the Christmas goose in your menu.

Are you ready for your holiday party? What’s left on your agenda?

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