St. Patrick's Day theme party setup

Hey there, party planners! Are you ready to sprinkle a little magic into your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Well, you’re in luck! We’re about to dive into some super fun and easy tips to make your party pop with color. From shamrock green to rainbow brights, we’ll show you how to create a festive vibe that’ll have everyone feeling like they’ve found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So grab your glue gun, round up your glitter, and let’s get this party started!

What You Need:

Gold Metal Multi-Layered Round Top Chiara Backdrop Stand
Matte Pastel Off-White Balloons
Matte Pastel Emerald Balloons
Shiny Pearl Red Balloons
Shiny Pearl Royal Blue Balloons
Shiny Pearl Yellow Balloons
Sage Green Velvet Rectangle Tablecloth
3-Tier Rectangular Gold/Wood Cupcake Stand Tower
4-Tier Gold Metal Spiral Stairway Cupcake Stand
Clear Glass Beverage Dispenser Stands
Black Succulent Planter Pot Dessert Cups
Hunter Emerald Green Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses
Gold Vintage Rim Clear Hard Plastic Dessert Plates
Metallic Gold Square Acrylic Serving Trays
Green Eucalyptus Leaf Print Paper Napkins
Gold Large Acrylic Ice Bead Vase Fillers
White Green Leaf Print Party Favor Boxes


What You Need to Do:

Setting up a St. Patrick’s Day-themed party is all about combining the right colors and elements to create a festive atmosphere. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you use the items you have for a fabulous setup:

Step 1: Set the Scene with the Backdrop

Multi-layer backdrop stand decked with colorful balloons

Assemble the gold metal multi-layered round-top chiara backdrop stand at your party’s focal point. This could be where you’ll have the main table or the photo area. Mix and match the matte pastel off-white and emerald balloons with the shiny pearl red, royal blue, and yellow balloons to create a rainbow effect. Arrange them around the backdrop stand or let them float to the ceiling with strings attached.

Step 2: Dress the Table

Backdrop decor and sage green tablecloth

Lay the sage green velvet rectangle tablecloth over your main table. This will serve as your canvas for the rest of the decorations.

Step 3: Dessert Display

Tiered cupcake stand, plastic wine glasses, and gold serving trays

Place the 3-tier rectangular gold/wood cupcake stand tower on the table as centerpieces. Fill them with cupcakes and treats decorated in St. Patrick’s Day themes. Use the black succulent planter pot dessert cups to serve individual portions of desserts or snacks. They’ll add a unique touch to your setup. Add the metallic gold square acrylic serving trays to present appetizers or small bites in an elegant way.

Step 4: Beverage Station

Beverage dispenser stands with paper napkins and clear plastic plates

Set up a beverage station with clear glass beverage dispenser stands. You can serve green punch or other themed drinks here. Arrange the hunter emerald green crystal cut plastic wine glasses and gold vintage rim clear hard plastic dessert plates on the table for guests to use. Fold the green eucalyptus leaf print paper napkins creatively and place them next to the plates. 

Step 5: Party Favors

Green party favor boxes with satin ribbons and black dessert cups on a cupcake stand

Pack the white-green leaf print party favor boxes with small gifts or treats and place them on the 4-tier gold metal spiral stairway cupcake stand. Scatter the gold large acrylic ice beads around the table for an extra sparkle.

And there you have it—a St. Patrick’s Day party that’s sure to be the talk of the town! Remember, these are just the starting points to get your creative juices flowing. If you’re on the hunt for even more dazzling party decor ideas and nifty tips, don’t hesitate to explore other blogs. They’re a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to spark your next big bash. So go ahead, make your St. Paddy’s Day celebration one for the books.