Chic Mother's Day decor featuring a white 'Bloom Bar' cart adorned with flowers.

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show some extra love and appreciation for the amazing moms in our lives. What better way to celebrate than with a personalized gift made right from the heart? This year, ditch the store-bought bouquets and join us in creating a stunning DIY Bloom Bar. It’s a fun, simple way to craft a floral masterpiece that’s as unique as she is. Not only will you have a blast putting it all together, but you'll also give a gift that's blooming with thoughtfulness and beauty. So let's dive into the colorful world of flowers!

Materials Needed

Triple Base Curved Backdrop Stand
Beige Scuba Polyester Backdrop Curtain
Gold Rhinestone Alphabet Letter Stickers
Dusty Blue Artificial Rose Flower
Purple Artificial Rose Flower Bouquet
Dusty Rose Artificial Rose Bud
Coral Artificial Foam Tulip Flower
Lavender Lilac Artificial Daisy Flower
White Artificial Daisy Flower
Frosted Green Artificial Plant Stem
Green Pothos Artificial Hanging Plant
White Artificial Peony/Foliage Hanging Flower
Ivory Artificial Rose Bouquet
Clear Cylinder Glass Flower Vase
Tapered Cylinder Glass Vase
Love Neon Light Sign
Gold Plated Ceramic Letter Flower Vase
Rustic White Wooden Crates
Artificial Grass Carpet Rug


What You Need to Do:

Assemble the Backdrop

Woman setting up a cream-colored curtain backdrop for Mother's Day decor.

Begin by setting up your triple base curved backdrop stand in a spacious area. Once the stand is secure, drape the beige scuba polyester backdrop curtain over it. This neutral backdrop will enhance the vibrant colors of your flowers and accessories, creating a stunning visual display. Drape the green pothos artificial hanging plant from the top of the backdrop or a higher crate to cascade down, enhancing the lush, floral feel.

Lay the Foundation 

Image of a woman decorating a cart with greenery as Mother's Day decor.

Roll out the artificial grass carpet rug in front of the backdrop. This will be the base of your bloom bar, adding a touch of natural greenery and making cleanup a breeze.

Decorate the Stand

Delicate Mother's Day decor with a variety of beautiful roses displayed at a bloom bar.

Place the flower display stand centrally on the artificial grass rug, facing the backdrop. Use the gold rhinestone alphabet letter stickers to spell out “Bloom Bar” or any other sweet message on the front panel of the bar stand. Hang white artificial peony/foliage hanging flowers on top of the wooden stand. 

Arrange the dusty blue and purple artificial rose flower bouquets and dusty rose artificial rose buds to add depth and variety. Coral artificial tulip flowers and lavender lilac artificial daisies can fill in smaller vases or be tucked around larger arrangements. Add white artificial daisies to provide contrast and fill gaps.

Enhance with Floor Decor

Close-up of a Mother's Day decor setup with glowing 'love' neon sign and floral decorations.

Insert the frosted green artificial plant stems into the tapered cylinder glass vase and place it beside the bar stand. Stack the rustic white wooden crates in front of the flower stand area. Hang the love neon light sign from the wooden crates to add a glowing, warm ambiance. Arrange the gold plated ceramic letter flower vase with the ivory artificial rose bouquet and place it prominently on one of the rustic white wooden crates.

With your Mother's Day Bloom Bar all set up, you've not only crafted a beautiful space but also a unique experience that celebrates the special bond you share. This DIY project is more than just about flowers; it's about spending quality time together and creating lasting memories. If you enjoyed setting up this bloom bar and are keen on more DIY decor projects, make sure to check out our other blogs for additional event decor and styling tips. From simple home crafts to grand festive decorations, we have plenty of ideas to inspire your next creative adventure. Happy Mother's Day, and may your celebration be as wonderful as the flowers you've arranged today!