Creative Ways To Light Up Your Space With DIY Wall Candle Holders

Creative Ways To Light Up Your Space With DIY Wall Candle Holders


Have you been looking for unique ideas to update your home decor? Whether you want to add a modern twist to the antique wall art pieces in the living room or simply need a relaxing ambiance to rejuvenate yourself, wall candle holders will do the trick by bringing a new sense of life to your space.

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Not only will the flickering glow of candles create a soothing effect but will also warm up your space in the most magical way. So, if you’re a passionate decorator who’s really fond of on-trend yet timeless wall hanging décor accents, you’d most likely be aware of the beauty of glowing candles peeping through decorative wall mounted candle holders.

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DIY Wall Candle Holder Ideas

The best part about wall sconces is that you can swap out candles to impart a fresh, new look every other season. All you have to do is choose the right style, shape, and size of a sconce set that’ll create a twinkling display while perfectly accenting the walls for as long as you want. Another creative yet highly convenient option is to transform stunning votive candle holders, candelabras, and lanterns into wall candle holders all by yourself for an artful fusion of modernity and contemporariness. Want to know how? Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you add a bit of polish and glam to your lackluster walls while also elevating the aesthetics up a notch. Read along and rethink about using your favorite candle holders for wall to give a modern spin to your home décor.

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Make A Stunning Statement With A Candelabra

When you think of lighting as artwork, it’s a lot more fun trying out different looks while showcasing those sparkling accents in an entirely different way. You can hang multiple pendant lights as artistically as you want to spruce up the aesthetics of your bedroom or place different candle sconces in a pattern along the wall to make an elegant statement. You can even redefine a wall hanging candle holder with a stunning gold metal candelabra sitting elegantly on top of a floating wall shelf while highlighting the centerpieces and vases placed on either side. Not only will an elegant candelabra with gold taper candles stand tall against the wall but will also enhance the hanging wall art in the background. If you want something more similar to a wall sconce, opt for a gold votive candelabra with hanging crystal pendants emanating a dramatic glow all around to bedazzle everyone. You can place white votive candles or metallic gold pillar candles inside light amber glass holders to enhance the beauty of this stunning masterpiece while achieving your desired look.

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Hang Adorable Lighting Accents On the Wall

Trying something a little outside the norm can do wonders for transforming the entire look of your home décor. It may be something as simple as an accent wall, as fabulous as a flower arrangement adorning the entrance, or as adorable as a glass mason jar with a twinkling rose gold tea light candle placed inside emanating a soft glow all around. Just keep it simple or decorate as creatively as you want to match your style instead of following a magazine guideline. There is nothing that would define your unique taste better than a traditional piece of art or a hanging mason jar made all by yourself. So, why not hang a beautiful DIY candle holder from a heavy-duty hook fixed on the wall to bring that extra dash of light and charm to your dull and dreary space? This quick and quirky lighting accent will make a wonderful addition to your dining room décor while the fanciful wall candle holders will accent the walls in your living room showcasing your aesthetic style.

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Adorn the Walls With Enchanting Birdcage Candle Holders

There is no wonder why birdcages are so close to our hearts. The enticingly delightful appeal of a metallic gold birdcage candle holder hanging along the wall with a glowing gold pillar candle placed inside surely makes it a show-stopping statement piece. You can even adorn these imperial baskets with greenery, flowers, or even a combo to get an ethereal, whimsical look but using candles alone will astoundingly highlight the elegance of these beautiful masterpieces while oozing a sumptuous glow all around. You may also opt for an intricately designed gold metal birdcage candle holder to add a sophisticated touch to your walls with its classy look. Decorating the walls with birdcage wall candle holders is definitely worth giving a try on special occasions to bring a vintage aura into your space while enhancing the ambiance tenfold.

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Create Magic With Glowing Lanterns

Lanterns have a magical charm that fascinates everyone. So, why not use a stunning black & gold candle lantern in place of wall sconces and hang it along the wall to bring more focus to its delightfully elegant design? Not only will it mimic a wall sconce but will also seamlessly blend in with other elements of your interior design to set just the right mood for any occasion. So, it’s time to put that lantern sitting in the cupboard to good use so you can feel good every time you look at it. You may also opt for a crossbar lantern candle holder to bring more focus to an ivory pillar candle placed inside the glass candle holder or hang rustic wall candle holders to match the vibe of your home décor. Don’t mind making any alterations to your interior design as long as you have heavy-duty hooks fixed on the walls to safely hold all these simple yet modern wall candle holders in place.


The flickering glow of candles peeping through decorative wall candle holders is the first thing you’ll notice while walking into a room and that’s exactly what makes them worth styling your home with. Reserve some spots on the walls for decorative wall mounted candle holders or creatively place DIY candle holders on the top hanging shelf to create the same effect. The choice is truly yours! No matter how you display the candle holders, they’ll surely elevate the aesthetics by adding a modern spin to your décor just the way you want. So, are you going to create beautiful candle holders for wall or choose fancier wall sconces to fit your style? Let us know in the comments section below!>