Creative Ways to Use Personalized Favors & Accessories

Creative Ways to Use Personalized Favors & Accessories


Personalized favors and decorations are becoming very popular as they enable you to add your own personal touch with someone’s initials, a special message or emblem. Whether it is for an anniversary, corporate birthday party or even Thanksgiving dinner, there are a variety of ways to incorporate personalized favors into all of your events. So skip the plain decor and get a little personal with your favors! We threw some ideas out there to get you started.

Personalized Beverage Napkins

These personalized napkins are perfect to use for hors d’oeuvres or with beverages. Customization options are endless, with over 20 color choices available to match your event’s theme. Personalize the napkins with a couple’s name & day of the event, a monogram, initials, and even large emblems such as hearts, a birthday cake, palm trees and more. An idea for weddings is to include the couple’s names with a heart emblem underneath. You may even want to include untraditional text on them, such as a love quote instead of the names. For Company parties, you can include a company motto.

Personalized Favors.

Popular wedding favors today are personalized boxes containing a small gift, such as candy or a small trinket. These personalized favors are fantastic to hand out after a party, wedding reception or a shower. Create red personalized boxes to distribute to guests leaving your Christmas party that say “Happy Holidays, 2012” and include a Christmas bells emblem.

Personalized Ribbons.

When you want to accent your gift, you can design your own continuous personalized ribbon messages. For baby showers, they can include the baby’s name, the date of the shower and a stork emblem. Wrap them around your favor boxes and tie in a pretty ribbon to give to your guests. For the holidays, you can design and use, “Merry Christmas. From, (your name)” personalized ribbons when you’re wrapping your gifts this year.

We hope you have a great 2012 Holiday Season, from!