Chinoiserie Floral Print Tablescape

Step into a world where elegance meets vibrant artistry with our chinoiserie floral print tablescape DIY guide. Transform your dining experience into an enchanting journey as we delve into the intricate beauty of Chinoiserie design. From delicate blossoms to intricate motifs, this guide will take you through the steps to curate a tablescape that exudes timeless sophistication. Discover how to harmonize cultural inspirations with modern creativity, all while adorning your table with the resplendent charm of Chinoiserie floral prints.

What You Need:

- 8ft Tall Gold Metal Round Top Double Arch Wedding Backdrop Stand 
- 7ft Gold Metal Wedding Arch Chiara Backdrop Stand 
- 7ft Matte Dusty Blue Fitted Spandex Half Moon Wedding Arch Cover 
- Matte Royal Blue Spandex Fitted Wedding Arch Covers 
- Matte Nude Fitted Spandex Half Moon Wedding Arch Covers 
- 7ft Gold Metal Half Moon Floral Frame Arbor 
- White Blue 8" Paper Dessert Plates With Chinoiserie Florals and Scalloped Rims 
- 6oz Clear Plastic Short Hollow Stem Wine Glasses 
- 14oz Clear Crystal Cut Reusable Plastic Highball Drinking Glasses 
- Premium Plastic Cutlery Set With Royal Blue Handle 
- Vintage Mini Bud Flower Vases 
- 15" Natural Rabbit Tail Dried Pampas Grass Flower Bouquets 
- 10" Glossy White Round Plastic Dinner Plates With Gold Rim 
- 20 Pack White Blue Chinoiserie Floral Print Paper Napkins 
- 108" White Seamless Polyester Round Tablecloth 
- 9oz Clear / Gold Crystal Collection Plastic Tumblers Cups 
- 12"x108" White Blue Chinoiserie Floral Print Satin Table Runner 
- 5" Clear Crystal Hour Glass Pillar Candlestick Stands 
- 10" Premium Dusty Blue Wax Taper Candles 
- 13" White Real Touch Artificial Rose Bud Flower Bridal Bouquets 


What You Need to Do

Step 1: Assemble the Backdrop Stands

Person putting on spandex covers to the backdrop stands

Start putting together the gold metal double arch, another metal chiara arch, and the half-moon frame arbor backdrop stands. Dress up the stands in royal blue, dusty blue, and nude fitted spandex covers.

Step 2: Add Table Linens

Person putting on the table linens

Once the backdrop stands have been assembled, you can set them aside for now. Start draping the table with a white polyester tablecloth and lay a white-blue chinoiserie floral print satin table runner on top of it. This will create the base for your tablescape.

Step 3: Decorate the Centerpiece

Person setting up the centerpiece decor

Now it’s time to set up the centerpiece. Place a trio of mini vintage glass vases filled with white rose bud flowers and dried rabbit tail pampas grass in the middle of the table. Add some hourglass pillar candlestick stands with dusty blue taper wax candles on it to create a glow in the ambiance.

Step 4: Set Up the Dinnerware

Person setting up the dinnerware

Next, stack scalloped rimmed chinoiserie florals dessert plates on top of glossy white dinner plates and arrange them in each place setting for an elegant touch. Add chinoiserie floral print paper napkins with royal blue handle cutlery set to the side. Lastly, place a set of crystal-cut highball glasses, short hollow-stem wine glasses, and clear/gold tumbler cups adjacent to the plates.

Incorporating a Chinoiserie floral print tablescape into your dining experience adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that will leave your guests in awe. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of this style create an atmosphere that is both enchanting and memorable. As you embark on your DIY journey to craft the perfect tablescape, don't forget to explore more inspiring ideas and guides on Efavormart's blogs. From contemporary to classic themes, their collection of tablescape event ideas will ensure your future gatherings are just as remarkable.