DIY Tulle Table Skirt

DIY Tulle Table Skirt


Here at efavormart, we have always been in love with table skirts.  They can make a table look fancy and elegant almost immediately. When we discovered how easy making your own table skirts are with some tulle and elastic, we had to share it with all of you! The best part is, you can make it to fit any sized table with ease, and it’s easy to set up and take down! Although it does take a bit of work it requires absolutely no sewing and the outcome is so amazing that it will leave your guests believing that you are a decorating genius!


You can also follow along this video in our youtube channel, as the basics of it is essentially the same as this tutu tutorial:

Start off with your materials:
Rolls of 6″x100″ tulle in your choice of color (Depending on how full you wanted the skirt/how big your table is)
A base tablecloth (We used our Fitted Spandex Tablecloths or Rectangular Fitted Tablecloths)
elastic to fit the edge of your table
safety pins or needle and thread
cardboard sheet the length of your table to the floor

Step 1:
Put on the tablecloth and wrap the elastic around the edge of the table. To secure the elastic, safety pin the elastic of the corner of the tablecloth underneath it.
Step 2:
Start creating the tulle strips by unwinding it onto the cardboard piece. Keep going until you finish the roll. (You will need a lot of tulle!)
Step 3:
When one roll of tulle has been wrapped on to the cardboard sheet, cut ONE side of the tulle. This will be the bottom of the skirt. Remove the tulle from the cardboard piece.
Step 4:
Keep repeating until you have enough tulle you need. For our 60×126 rectangular table, we ended up using about 5 rolls. However, we doubled up on the tulle for a more full look. It really depends on your table and preference for the amount of tulle you would need.
Step 5:
Now you’re ready to start tying the tulle onto the elastic band. You start by folding the tulle piece you have in half, and slipping it under the elastic band. We doubled up our tulle for fullness, but you can also use one piece of tulle as well.
Step 6:
Fold the loop of the tulle over the elastic band, and slip the tail of the tulle into the loop. You can also see it being done on the youtube video here:
Step 7:
Keep pulling the tail through the loop until it ties a knot onto the elastic.
Step 8:
Keep on repeating Steps 5-7 and knot the tulle through the elastic band around the table. If you’re doubling up the tulle for fullness, the tulle might weigh down the elastic band. If this happens, just safety pin more of the elastic to the tablecloth.

When you fill the entire elastic band with the tulle, congratulations! You’re now done with your Tulle Table Skirt! It’s reusable and easy to put away and store. If you want to add more to it, you can also embellish the edge with ribbon, sequin or lace! Use different colors and try them out for your next event!