Do I Need A Unity Candle At My Wedding?

Do I Need A Unity Candle At My Wedding?


Wedding is an extravagant affair where each and everything demands some kind of splendor and grandeur. Apart from the decorations, wedding colors, and food there are some other rituals and traditions without which no wedding is complete. Unity candle ceremony is one such tradition that not only adds a personalized touch into your wedding but is perhaps the tradition embedded in the most romantic way. Burning wedding unity candles is a special way of symbolizing two new lives joining together as one. Once considered as a ritual, burning wedding unity candles has now become a trend in modern weddings, where the bride and groom together light these unique unity candles and signify the flames as their personal selves entering to ignite the relationship in marriage. If you are planning things out for your wedding and are wondering that, ‘Do I need a unity candle at my wedding?’, well, read along and explore some lovely aspects of having a wedding unity candles ceremony that will surely give your wedding some beautiful memories to cherish.

wedding unity candle

Bring Families Together!

The most beautiful thing about conducting a wedding unity candles ceremony is that it brings two families together in joint love for the new pair. This beautiful blend symbolizes solidarity among the bride and groom’s families and can also be depicted as a family circle of love. Traditionally, the mothers of the couple light the individual taper candles just before the wedding ceremony starts, even grandparents or fathers can be asked to light these wedding unity candles. Later the couple pick these beautiful unity candles and light the middle pillar candle to show the power, affection and knowledge that both the families share. The light that comes out from these wedding unity candles creates a magical glow that burns with the flame of a family joined in love.

Add Uniqueness!

Any symbolic rituals add uniqueness in a wedding ceremony, and when it’s about holding a wedding unity candles ceremony the experience is beyond imagination. Lighting these awesome unity candles is the most romantic activity that one can have in a wedding ceremony. The way this ceremony is conducted is a unique tradition in itself, when the couple holds their flickering taper candles to simultaneously light the main unity candle, it spreads an amazing aura all around the space. Two individuals merging into a new harmonious bond by lighting these beautiful unity candles exudes positivity and the combining flames of these wedding unity candles represent the unity, enhanced love, and mutual lives of the two individuals.


Meaningful Way Of Incorporating Heritage!

Lighting the wedding unity candles is a beautiful way through which two individuals honor each other by committing a lifetime promise. Just after taking their vows and before exchanging the rings, they light up these awesome unity candles and look forward to shaking up their wedding ceremony with something unforgettable. The beautiful aspect of conducting a wedding unity candles ceremony is that it gives you meaningful ways to incorporate your family traditions and heritage. In some wedding unity candles ceremony the couples mother light the taper candles for them, while in some families they let the first family member to start the ritual. No matter who lights the fire first, the burning of these unity candles is a glowing reminder that in a true wedding two people form a new identity as a couple and their wedding is now more important than individual needs.


Having unity candles at a wedding is undeniably the most beautiful sight and the way the wedding unity candles ceremony is conducted too adds that magical feel into the entire ambiance. Let the flames of these beautiful unity candles give your life’s new journey a scintillating and aromatic start and unite the two individual souls into one. We hope that this blog post was inspiring enough to make you have awesome unity candles at your wedding. So, what are your plans? Do share with us in the comment section below!