Do You Need A Wedding Arch?

Do You Need A Wedding Arch?


Wedding is a lovely time in one’s life when we want all things picture perfect, from wedding dress and bouquet to wedding décor and accessories. With so much planning to do, if you come across a question: Do you need a wedding arch or not? The answer is definitely in positive as décor items are the make or break elements of the whole ceremony. While it comes in eye catching shapes, the hexagon wedding arch at efavormart is nothing short of the best to pull off an enthralling look to the ceremonies for the matches made in heaven! So dispel all the doubts and go through some interesting reasons why do you need a wedding arch for a wedding.


hexagon wedding arch

Make An Enchanting Photography Backdrop

Everyone knows the couple of the ceremony will be at their graceful best looks as it is a day worth cherishing but what is equally important is the fact that the marriage photos should also be beautiful since they are memorabilia that will take many people on a trip down the memory lane even after years. And if those photos need to look their stunning best then lots of work goes behind the couple which in the photographer’s language is called “the backdrop” and this is exactly where you find the answer for the question of why do you need a wedding arch!

The hexagonal wedding arch creates a spectacular sight as photo booth backdrop stand, combining shiny metallic luster and contemporary geometric shape, our gold hexagonal metal wedding arch will take your plain wedding photos from drab to fab! The bedazzling backdrop created by this beautiful hexagon wedding arch will not only elevate the elegance of your wedding ambiance but our hexagonal wedding arch will give you an opportunity to make those wedding photos look as if they were clicked at one of those marvelous Hollywood movie production studios’ set from a fantasy movie.

Wedding Arch Showcases Your Creativity

Beside adding a wow factor to your wedding photos and providing a glorious photo backdrop for your wedding, hexagon wedding arch also exhibits your aesthetic sense and artistic talent. So let your creative juices flow, and make enticing DIY decorations on this hexagon metal wedding arch. Wrap the hexagonal wedding arch with our relishing Red window scarf valance wedding drapery fabric or the royal blue window scarf valance wedding drapery fabric. Now add some pink paper mini flower roses or the breezy purple paper mini roses on either one or both sides of the hexagonal wedding arch and place our clear acrylic floor vase flower stand wedding column with mirror base or the classy matte black wedding metal vase flower stand with column by the side with Ivory and cream paper flowers perched on top. Now this is what we call one “Picture perfect couple” standing at a picturesque beauty of a location.

Wedding Arch Helps Make A Magical Ambiance

If you deeply observe, you’ll then understand why else do you need a wedding arch apart from making magical moments for photos. The answer is “Ambience”. Having the hexagon arch for wedding gives the extra chance to lift up the ambience of the ceremony to greatness which the guests admire with awe because of those lovely gorgeous extra attachments accompanying the hexagonal wedding arch.

Wedding Arch Creates a Focal Point

There is no denying the fact that wedding arch is a main center of attention and a true show stopper for both the guests as well as the happy couple. Our geometric wedding arch not only makes a fanciful focal point for a wedding but also create a harmony in the entire space. With a modern wedding arch in the center, it’s easy to line your aisle runner in a right direction with chairs on both sides. Arch for wedding ties the entire décor together, creating a balance and beauty into your décor.

Still pondering over the question why do you need a wedding arch? Time to break the ice then. It is the special feel that it gives the couple standing there which they truly deserve on one of their most significant days in lives. Tie a bow with Turquoise organza ribbon with satin edges or the orange organza ribbon with satin edges around the metal vase column stand and let two gold reusable round sphere vinyl balloons float behind and the couple’s smiles will speak how special they feel!

Comment below about what else you think can be done with wedding arches and let us add that extra flair to any ceremony.