Does Grey Go With Sage Green?

Does Grey Go With Sage Green?


Struggling to choose a timeless wedding color theme? Yes, we agree that selecting a wedding color palette that reflects your style and signifies your big day is one of the most challenging part of wedding planning but you can turn your pre-wedding anxiety into a fun filled experience by making the right choice when it comes to the color scheme as it is what guides the rest of your wedding aesthetics. Opting for sage wedding colors like sage green help you invite the freshness of nature into your special day with minimal efforts. Being one of the most popular hues, sage wedding colors gorgeously combine with endless hues. You can rock everything with sage wedding colors from soft neutrals to bright and bold shades. Complete the palette of your wedding color theme by pairing up sage green color with grey color palette for a sleek and modern feel. This fun color combination packs a punch of style that you and your loved ones will surely adore. While both colors, grey and sage green, have their own significance, you might be wondering “Does grey go with sage green?” Keep scrolling to find innovative inspirations for a splendid grey and sage green wedding theme.

sage green wedding theme

Suits all seasons!

When it comes to wedding palettes, it’s all about seasonal and personal tastes. Undoubtedly, sage green is one of those relaxing and refreshing sage wedding colors that trends all year round, inducing a calming effect in your super busy wedding day. When paired up with grey color palette, sage green color lends a preppy yet luxe vibe that you and your guests won’t be able to resist. This neutral combination is a perfect pick for summertime weddings as it creates an energetic and invigorating look, seamlessly combining with the natural elements of Mother Nature in an outdoor wedding ceremony. Just like spring, grey and sage green aesthetic adds a pop of liveliness, flawlessly balancing the bright blossoms that bloom over your spring wedding. Fall wedding palettes are all about warm and earthy hues and grey would surely be one of the best choices. As autumn makes us say goodbye to florals, bring in a hint of green with a sage green background for your wedding day. Winter weddings call for rich color palettes with metallic accents and sage green with grey would be the perfect fit for weddings arranged in the cold weather. Perfect for both warm and cool weathers, this romantic color combination will add up to your delicate yet chic weeding theme.

Adorable Attire!

While brides usually prefer to go all white with their attire on their wedding day, bringing in an element of sage green and grey by styling sage green bridesmaid dresses is surely a classic option. Go with the beloved trend of having dresses of the same color and style for your bridesmaid. Grey or silver colored polyester fabric will work best to make your girls look stunningly gorgeous. Another option is to opt for charcoal grey satin fabric which will freely float in the air, looking extremely flattening with your white bridal gown. Whether you choose to wear a statement single colored dress or go beyond traditional accents with oversized blooms and floral laces over your simple gown, these fabrics will give your best friend’s wedding a unique spin. Adoring your simple bridesmaid dresses with some fancy sage green jewelry or putting on some sophisticated sage green headpieces over your already done hair will really help you go along with the sage wedding color palette. Being amongst the favorite girls of the bride, you need to make sure your attire makes the bride’s day even more memorable so don’t miss out on choosing dresses with the grey color palette adorned sage green jewelry that enhance the sage wedding colors of her big day.

The Unbeatable Décor!

Décor is undoubtedly an essential element of your wedding day and making sure that it harmonizes with your sage wedding colors is highly important. Fold in the feel of nature with faux florals and foliage in your wedding bouquet. Alluring sage green lily flowers along exquisite silk chrysanthemum blooms will make your bouquet arrangements a statement piece. Complete your table decorations with a subtle grey chiffon table runner paired up with a scintillating sage green satin edged organza tablecloth. Whether you want to create a modern vibe or a dreamy look with your wedding decor, sage green wedding theme is absolutely perfect for you.


Gear up to prepare for an unforgettable wedding with romantic grey and sage wedding colors. Make sure you share your favorite products in these charismatic hues from our store in the comments section below.