Does IKEA Have Good Artificial Plants?

Does IKEA Have Good Artificial Plants?


There is no denying the fact that plants not only have a great impact on both emotional and physical well-being but they are also a great decor accessory that can be used to brighten up almost any dull and lifeless space. And given the current penchant for bringing outdoors in, foliage and floral decorations have found a new fan following. But caring and maintaining live plants can turn out to be a stressful nightmare if you’re not blessed with a green thumb since they do require quite a bit of attention and perseverance. This is where fake plants can come in handy! Like any living plant, artificial flowers and plants make a room feel refreshing, vibrant, and inviting but they do not wilt or outgrow their pots and you don’t even have to worry about watering or fertilizing them.

Are you looking for places to shop for cheap artificial plants and flowers that aren’t tacky? While we can wholeheartedly vouch for efavormart’s extensive collection of nature-inspired decorations including premium-quality lifelike artificial flowers and plants, IKEA which is known for its smart mix of simple staples and affordable trendy items, is also one of the go-to places for decor enthusiasts but does IKEA have good artificial plants? Well, the Swedish retailer has a great track record of selling popular houseplants and is said to create new plant trends, so it won’t be a surprise if it has an impressive collection of faux foliage to back the claim! So, if you are convinced that faux is the new fresh but having trouble selecting a plant for your space, here are some ingenious tips and guidelines on what to look for while buying fake plants! Just keep on reading and become a pro at selecting some new faux green friends for your dull and lifeless space.

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Consider The Placement

Unlike real plants, artificial flowers and plants do not need sunshine or proper ventilation to survive, however, it is still important to keep the area or spot in mind where you want to place your fake plants while purchasing them to pick the best suited ones. For instance, if you want to spruce up your rustic-themed party tablescapes with a pop of color, some faux foliage stems, succulents, and low-height voluminous silk flower bushes will work perfectly fine. But in case you’re looking to animate your walls to bring in the vibrant feel without cluttering up your limited floor space, artificial hanging flowers and greenery vines are the ideal picks.

Pick An Appropriate Size

Plants come in all kinds of shapes and different sizes and heights, thus choosing ones that’ll fit right into your space is crucial, after all, size does matter! If you want to add a touch of nature to your mantelshelf decor, tall green artificial locust leaf branches or tall artificial cherry blossom stems arranged in a vase won’t look quite right, rather a trio of potted succulent plants juxtaposed with a couple of glass bud vases containing cream-colored rose bud stems will be best suited according to the given space to create a sophisticated visual appeal. However, if you’re looking to add dimension to your tropical-themed backdrop setup, place a 5ft tall artificial bird of paradise potted plant at one end of your backdrop stand for a striking charm.

Select Suitable Colors

Have you ever found yourself staring at the colorful display of foliage and flowers in awe of their beauty and splendor? Who hasn’t! Real plants and flowers are nature’s jewels but modern-day fake flowers and plants are the next best alternatives. With the plethora of hues and tints, artificial flowers and foliage can brighten up even the dullest of places. However, it is imperative that you pick faux florals and greenery in colors that go well with your event color scheme to achieve a cohesive look. For instance, if you’re keen on using faux foliage and florals to uplift the romantic vibe at your fairytale-themed wedding, choose a riveting mix of pink and red hued faux flowers along with some lush green foliage stems to reinforce the theme. Whereas for a winter-inspired color palette, a gorgeous flower arrangement featuring frosted greenery, metallic sprays, and white faux flowers is sure to add drama to your setup.

Although you might come across faux plants and flowers at every other store, nothing can compare to efavormart’s stunning range of affordable, high-quality artificial flowers and fake plants! Check out our collection and let us know which ones are your favorites in the comment box below!