Wedding favors in a wooden basket

Planning your big day and looking to add a personal touch? Dive into the world of creativity with our guide on DIY wedding favors. From simple and charming to downright unique wedding favors, we've got you covered. Discover budget-friendly ideas that will not only impress your guests but also make your celebration extra special. Say goodbye to generic wedding favors and hello to a personalized touch that reflects your style and adds a memorable flair to your wedding festivities. Let's embark on a journey of crafting joy with these DIY wedding favor ideas!

Personalized Succulent Plants

Candle holders and floral arrangments

For meaningful wedding favors, consider gifting personalized succulent plants to your guests. Succulents symbolize enduring and growing love, making them a perfect representation of your union. Purchase small, affordable succulents and place them in decorative pots or containers. Attach a personalized tag with your names and wedding date for a special touch. Guests can take home these living mementos, adding a touch of greenery to their homes.

DIY Scented Sachets

Wedding favors tied with ribbons

Craft scented sachets as delightful wedding favors for your guests. Purchase organza or burlap wedding favor bags and fill them with a mix of lavender, rose petals, and other fragrant herbs. Add a few drops of essential oil to enhance the aroma. Seal the bags with a ribbon and a personalized thank-you tag. These scented sachets not only serve as a practical and fragrant gift but also add a charming touch to your guests' drawers or closets.

Homemade Infused Olive Oil

Glass bottles as wedding favors

Create a culinary delight for your guests by making homemade infused olive oil as wedding favors. Purchase small glass bottles and fill them with high-quality olive oil infused with herbs, garlic, or chili flakes. Attach a custom label with your names and wedding date. This practical and tasty gift will be appreciated by food-loving friends and family. Ensure the bottles are securely packed in party favor boxes to prevent leakage and breakage.

DIY Photo Coasters

Brown paper favor bags

Capture special moments and memories by crafting personalized photo coasters for your guests. Select meaningful photos of you and your partner, and have them printed and trimmed to fit standard coaster size. Affix the photos to cork or wooden coasters using strong adhesive. Seal the coasters with a waterproof varnish and place them in party favor boxes for a polished presentation. Your guests will cherish these functional and sentimental keepsakes.

Handmade Herb-Infused Salt

Wedding flowers

Craft artisanal herb-infused salt as a thoughtful and flavorful wedding favor. Mix sea salt with dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or basil. Package the infused salt in small glass jars or muslin bags, securing them with twine or ribbon. Create custom labels with your names and wedding date, and attach them to the packaging. Your guests will appreciate this culinary token of appreciation, perfect for enhancing their future meals.

Edible Treats 

Glass container with a personalized tag

Create delicious edible treats to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth. Use wedding favor boxes and fill them with homemade cookies, chocolates, or candies. Decorate the boxes with a personalized label and add some flower accents. This delightful and edible party favor wrapped in stunning wedding favor boxes is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

DIY Mini Terrariums

Wedding aisle decorated with greenery and flowers

Bring nature into your wedding favors by making mini terrariums. Gather small glass vases, pebbles, soil, and tiny plants like moss or air plants. Assemble the terrariums, adding decorative elements such as small figurines or stones. Customize the containers with personalized tags and a heartfelt thank-you message. These mini terrariums serve as adorable and meaningful wedding favors that guests can proudly display in their homes or offices.

DIY wedding favor bags or boxes are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your big day without breaking the bank. Get creative, have fun, and let your imagination run wild as you craft these unique wedding favors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of love, your DIY wedding favors will be a charming addition to your celebration, making it a day to remember for everyone involved