Five Fun Things to Fill Favor Boxes for Weddings and Other Events

Five Fun Things to Fill Favor Boxes for Weddings and Other Events


When we say, favor boxes, is your gut reaction ‘boring, been there, done that?’

There are so many more options for your favors than the traditional. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics there are so many other fun things to fill your favor boxes with, including sweets, treats, and other neat ideas.

Fun with flowers. Either real or fake flower filled boxes will make a neat surprise to bring home. Whether you have guests bring home a fresh bud from the centerpiece, or artificial silk flowers that will last as a centerpiece for the table at home!

A snack or treat! An arrangement of carefully stacked and arranged favor boxes will make pretty centerpieces that also serve as a carrier of an individual mini cupcake.

Homemade sweets. Tired of cupcakes? We know everyone’s baking these days. Try homemade bark, mini cookies, or the chocolate covered fruits or nuts. Mix the colors with sweet chocolaty nuts in pink boxes, and salty roasted nuts in blue embossed favor boxes.

Mix it up. Fill your favor boxes with mini drink mixes or cookie mixes. While bags may look unsightly, the boxes keep your tables looking classy! Just like you can make your own jar mixes, make a dry mix for brownies or cookies sized for each person!

What other treats can you think to fill up flavorful boxes with?