Four Simple Steps to Create a Heart-Stealing Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Four Simple Steps to Create a Heart-Stealing Valentine’s Day Tablescape


Are you planning to stay in for St. Valentine’s Day? Whether you are planning to gather your family and friends, or setting up for a romantic date night in, it’s a perfect opportunity to deck out a tantalizing table to make this day memorable. Creating a romantic setup is easier than it seems – to prove that and help you out, we’ve got you covered with this one-of-a-kind, while still easy, ensemble, which will ooze oodles of romanticism and creativity.


When it comes to a Valentine’s Day tablescape, you will never go wrong with a combo of reds and whites, with the former standing for love and the latter being a token of innocence. Fortunately, our online store carries an extensive variety of linens within this palette. Since nothing whispers festivity like satin and sequin, we’ve decided on our red or burgundy sequin tablecloth (we’ve chosen sequin as they are the most festive of all) with a white satin table runner atop. Our round dinner plates with silver "lace" rims have freshened things up with their metallic sheen while our silverware has helped us achieve a cohesive look.


There is no better way to impress guests than with sophisticated napkin folds. Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist at heart to astonish everybody with the detailed folding. For example, to make a heart-shaped napkin to complement your romantic setup, all you need is a red napkin (we’ve decided on our red polyester linen napkins, as polyester, like linen and cotton, is sturdy enough for everything “origami-related”) and stick to the following steps:

  1. Start by folding your napkin in half.

       2. Then, fold your napkin in half again.

       3. Next, take one half of the napkin and fold it up. Repeat the same with the other half.

       4. Tuck the corners of the center flaps behind the napkin to make it look like a heart. Repeat the same with other corners, as shown in the picture below.

Viola, your heart napkin is all ready to set hearts on fire!



It goes without saying that candles are a perfect way to bring that romantic feel into any setup. Since no celebration goes without candles, we’ve decided to mark the importance of the occasion by customizing our LED candles. It turned out to be a breeze – here’s all you need:

Once all the materials are there, you may rest assured – you are just a few steps away from a memorable accent:

  1. Start by attaching one of the glue dots to the candle.

      2. Stick the end of the red rattail ribbon to the dot, and once the ribbon is in place, begin wrapping it around the candle. It’s up to you to decide, whether you want the bands to overlap, to space them apart, or just to follow our example. Either way, if you are dealing with a classic candle, which is made of wax, leave a few inches at the top.

       3. Once you have the desired pattern, secure the end piece of the ribbon with another glue dot.

      4. For an additional touch, using our glitter foam sheet, cut out a heart shape and stick it to the candle.


We all are used to seeing flower arrangements as a centerpiece. This is for a reason: blossoms are ideal tokens of festivity. When it comes to St. Valentine’s, you can always go for classic long-stem roses. But if you are looking to go even further yet to spend less, it’s highly recommended to try out this wonderful accent vase, which will require:

… and a couple of simple steps:

  1. Tie a ribbon and make a bow around the vase.

       2. Fill the vase with the petals of two shades – white, which stands for innocence and red, a symbol of love and passion.

See, how simple, yet sensually stylish this set up is! All it requires is a little bit of effort, and loads of LOVE!

What do you think about this love-inspired arrangement? Would you like to recreate it? Or would you like to customize it further by adding some more accents? Please share your creative ideas with us in the comments below!