Frightening Favor Boxes for a Halloween Party! What’s Inside is Sweet, Not Scary!

Frightening Favor Boxes for a Halloween Party! What’s Inside is Sweet, Not Scary!


Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and caldron bubble. There’s more a-brewing than weddings in October! Aside from all of the so-stylish and personalized Halloween themed weddings we’ve seen, there are Halloween birthday parties, spooky bachelorette parties and good old fashioned Halloween parties! Even the spookiest and silliest of parties should have a fun gift – which is where these favor box fillers ideas come in.

Owl Cookies – When you want something that’s not goofy, childish, but still hauntingly fitting the theme, this owl cookie recipe from Sunset is a cute surprise to find inside an autumn colored favor box. Rolling out a double batch of these colorful cookies will be a breeze for a large guest list. Get the printable pattern and owl cookie recipe here.

Peanut Butter Cup Bars – When you have time on your hands or a small guest list – indulge in making these luminous looking bars. For a party where you know your guests appreciate the best of peanut butter, chocolate and nuts you’d have to be nuts to not make these. Get the Pillsbury recipe here.

Butterscotch Caramels – There’s nothing sweeter than a favor box filled with homemade caramels wrapped up in a caramel orange bow. Seriously, what better gift for guests who stick by you in the scariest of haunted houses than a sticky sweet brown sugar candy? Get the Sunset recipe here.

Twizzlers Popcorn Snack Mix – No time for all that prep? We understand. Grab a bag of caramel corn at the store, toasted pecans, and your favorite colorful candy (no need to stick with just Twizzlers, try peanut M&M’s or chopped Twix) Grab the recipe from Real Simple’s popcorn recipes collection