Fun Things to Do With Favor Boxes

Fun Things to Do With Favor Boxes


Favor boxes are a wonderful item to hold small gifts for your guests to take home.  These charming little boxes and adorable on their own, but with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can truly transform normal favor boxes into unforgettable works of art! Here are some great ideas to make favor boxes that really stand out!



Wrap favor boxes with cellophane or other material and tie them with ribbon for a creative take on a wrapped present. Gluing paper leaves or flowers to the package will also add a dash of elegance and beauty. This is an excellent idea for wedding or baby showers!  (Photo: )

Consider decorating favor boxes for your child’s birthday party as their favorite cartoon or movie characters! If you’re throwing a themed party, decorate the boxes to mimic the theme! It’s easy to transform a favor box into any character you desire with a little construction paper and a lot of creativity.  (photo: )

Decorate favor boxes with custom lid handles! Consider getting multi-colored lids for your favor boxes and picking up some inexpensive toys or knick knacks that can be easily painted to match the color of the lid. Using a hot glue gun will easily attach the figure to the lid creating a clever and fun handle! If your event is in the winter or Christmas related, painted small pinecones will truly add a winter theme to your favor boxes. (photo: )

Add a theme to your favors! If you’re an animal enthusiast consider gifts that are witty and fun. Designed favor boxes to look like bird cages and including dove themed party favors will add a fun and unique twist to your party favors. This one requires a little thinking outside of the box to figure out what to put inside of the box. (photo: )

There are endless ways to really make your party favors unique, but they take a little effort and brain power! If you truly want to make an impression on your guests, consider decorating and creating marvelously unique favor boxes!