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Gadda da Vida Table Setting

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Today we’re taking you to a whimsical tropical garden with our Gadda-da-Vida Rectangle Tablescape. Inspired by lush tropical gardens from a long lost world, we used many gold and chocolate elements to bring in a dazzling interpretation of the earth, with artificial floral to dress up the garden. Browse through our photos below and also our list of products that we used for this table scape, and prepared to take your guests to a different world.

Tropical Tree Centerpiece:
Gold Manzanita Tree
Open Silk Roses
Frosted Ivy Garland
Springtime Champagne Open Roses
Violet Agapanthus

Garden Inspired Table:
Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth
Champagne Chevron Sequin Runner/Overlay
Frosted Ivy Garland
White Votive Candles
Champagne Cups

Paradise Table Setting:
Beaded Glass Charger
Lamour Napkins
Willow Green Napkins
Champagne Goblet
Dinner Plates

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