Great Decorative Accents with Glitter Stems


Did Ke$ha sneeze or is that just glitter on your craft table? Glitter stems provide an easy way to take simple decor from drab to dazzling. Without having to DIY with glue or glitter sprays on your own! The shimmery nature of glitter branches makes it easy to work them into centerpieces or bouquets, and you can make your decorative emphasis charming and memorable. There are many ways to make glitter stems a glittering part of a special event.

  • Natural Arrangement Additions – One simple idea is to use glitter branches just as you would use floral picks. Insert your stems into an already crafted bouquet or basket arrangement. You’ll find lots of colors and designs to consider, making it easy to be sure that your emphasis works beautifully.
  • Glitterized Arrangments – Another way to use these fun accents is to create bouquets that are strictly composed of the shimmery stems. Use a bud vase and a few select glitter picks to do this job.
  • Accent’ing Color – Use your shiny stems as accents for napkin holders or place cards. A little hot glue is perfect for fixing your glitter embellishment to a napkin ring or to a place card holder. Work these stems into gift embellishments or table favor ribbons, tying them in place with ribbon. You can even use glitter accents in cake decorating, using an arrangement in place of a traditional cake topper.

What are your favorite ways to use glitter?