How Big Should Your Centerpiece Be?

How Big Should Your Centerpiece Be?


The idea behind planning the decor of festive events like birthday parties, holiday feasts, formal dinners, and especially the wedding ceremonies, is to make the event design get noticed and shine while taking into account even the smallest detail to exhibit and execute a perfect show. Undoubtedly, a wedding is a grandiose event that calls for a consistent and coordinated decoration and table décor is no exception. As your valued guests spend most of their time sitting around the tables so they must be gorgeous enough to keep them engaged and entertained and nothing can serve the purpose better than an elegant wedding centerpiece. Carefully chosen wedding centerpieces not only serve as a potential focus of attention during the event but are also a great way to showcase your unique color scheme and creative aesthetic sense. If you are in a process of deciding on the table décor for your upcoming reception party but are still unsure about how big should your centerpiece be and how to add height and dimension to your wedding tables with creative centerpieces while staying within your budget constraints, we have got you covered with some useful tips and tricks to help you highlight the overall aesthetics of your wedding theme with a variety of alluring wedding centerpieces which will turn your simple tables from drab to fab for sure.

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How Much Should I Budget For Centerpieces?

There are unlimited design possibilities when it comes to planning and creating your desired wedding centerpiece. You can choose from blooming florals, curling candles, rustic lanterns, or decorative table accents— the list goes on. There is no fixed budget when it comes to finalizing the showpiece for your tables that show off your style and personality. It could be as low as $50 per table or as high as $500 as it varies with the number of invitees, the wedding venue, and of course your reserved budget for table décor. If money is not an issue then we recommend you to go with the most exclusive option, otherwise, there are design choices that are not only economical but also serve as the most endearing detail on your reception tables. It is always cost-effective to have a theme wedding with centerpieces that complement the entire décor. If you are looking for some affordable yet extravagant options to make instant statements on your party tables then do check efavormart, and explore the tabletop accents & centerpieces category to enrich your party ambiance in the most cheerful manner.

How Do You Make A Large Centerpiece?

Certainly, a wedding centerpiece is one of the most important elements of your reception décor. If you want to add height, dimensions, texture, and color variation to your reception tables, an oversized centerpiece is the best option to elevate your wedding aesthetic. The best thing about creating large focal points on your party tables is that they add drama and enhance the entire party space. If you are thinking tall and want to take your party table decor a notch further, but are missing out on some artistic inspirations, worry not, we have gathered some fantastic ideas for you to channel your creative energy and add perfect details to your tables by creating large centerpieces for your big day.

Soar High With Floral Bridges

Before finalizing and creating your large or tall centerpieces, one must keep in mind that they should not block the cross table conversation and take minimum space at the center of the tables leaving enough space for the guests to enjoy the party menu. Think out of the box to impress your guests on your big day and create a bold and beautiful floral bridge using our over-the-table stand and further prettify it with floral garlands, greenery vines, and string lights. Use our Plexiglass sheets to flawlessly arrange the décor accents over the double frame stand and let your guests indulge in cheerful conversations without any hindrance. Remember to dismantle the gold stand and save the artificial flowers after the ceremony to recreate your bloomy bridge again with a new style.  

Go Large With Floriated Runners

As flowers are a must-have addition to every wedding regardless of the theme and style so why not make a bold splash by setting a floral runner from one end to the other on your party tables. For an eternal radiance, choose our lifelike ranunculus flower garland vine and augment the look even more with our life-like artificial flower heads in hues that complement your wedding theme. Combine this striking display with LED garland string lights and votive candles to add an unmatched class and brilliance to your wedding flower centerpiece.

Undoubtedly, carefully chosen and perfectly centered wedding centerpieces create a picture-perfect wedding ambiance. So team up with efavormart for your next grand event and explore the unlimited design possibilities to create alluring statements on your party tables. Share your favorite centerpiece ideas in the comment section below.