How Can I Decorate My Bridal Shower At Home?

How Can I Decorate My Bridal Shower At Home?


Are your wedding bells ringing making you super excited about all those pre-wedding events that are about to take place ahead of the big day? Well, a bridal shower is among the best of all as it is when you get pampered by your loved ones and feel extra special. Most commonly a bridal shower is hosted by friends or close family members of soon-to-be bride, but if you are planning to host it yourself due to the current pandemic and are thinking; ‘How can I decorate my bridal shower at home?’ Fret not! As we are sharing some simple yet highly adorable bride-to-be-decorations with you that will surely make your pre-wedding celebration absolutely a one to remember.


Choose A Spacious Spot!

Hosting a bridal shower at your home is a great idea as it gives you complete liberty to put up your kind of bride-to-be-decorations and give you complete control over the environment. While choosing the spot where you want to set your bridal shower décor, make sure that it is spacious and give your guests an easy access for the things they want to enjoy. While setting up your bridal shower backdrop, ensure that you don’t take a lot of space and choose a corner in a spacious room of your house. Display a lovely balloon décor with an enticing sequin backdrop and a curly willow skirted head table exhibiting bridal shower desserts, flower arrangement and other pretty bride-to-be-decorations.


Create An Inviting Ambiance!

While setting up bride-to-be-decorations at home make sure that you create an ambiance worth inviting for your guests. Since our homes are already set and occupied with the furniture so you need to first clear out some stuff to make space for your guests to enjoy the bridal shower activities, especially the gift opening one. Try spreading our woven raffia fabric on the floor along with sheepskin rugs to give your guests a comfortable seating. Bring elegance into your bride-to-be-decorations by further placing wooden end tables on the side for an easy access of their munching. Tempt your guests by presenting the sweet seasonal beverages and drinks in glass beverage dispensers and create some unforgettable memories with those who are sharing your happiness.


Choice Of Food & Dessert!

The most favorable time of hosting a bridal shower is in the morning or afternoon, so while planning out the food for your bridal shower party make sure that you prepare all the girly appetizers. Serve finger sandwiches, lemon pepper chicken, fruit salads, foil baked salmon or tiny bites like chicken salad-stuffed croissants in cardboard serving trays, round serving trays, cupcake cocktail napkins, sparkle plates and pick sugarcane straws & champagne flutes for drinks. Desserts are a must have part of a bridal shower celebration and light & fluffy macarons are the chicest bridal shower dessert for 2021, so make sure you display them in variety of ways. Give your bride-to-be-decorations for dessert display a scrumptious appeal by opting for gold favor cups, mini cupcake stand favors & oval crescent dessert plates and make your bride-to-be-decorations truly stand out.


Plan Lovely Party Favors!

Send your guests home will some lovely bridal shower favors and let them be a source of bringing sweet memories of your amazing bridal shower party. Wrap up the sweetest bridal shower favors in our stylish party favor boxes, opt for heart carriage favor box, treasure chest favor box, crown candy jar favor box or pyramid favor boxes and display them as your bride-to-be decorations. These bridal shower favors will serve as a fun and sweet way to thank your loved ones for doting on you with their unconditional love.


As you can see hosting a bridal shower party at home can be a delightful experience, so what are you waiting for, start planning for the most awaited pre wedding celebration of your life and create everlasting memories. Did you find our bride-to-be-decorations inspiring enough to let you decorate your bridal shower at home? Do let us know in the comment section below!