How Can I Make My Christmas Tree Look Fuller?

How Can I Make My Christmas Tree Look Fuller?


The holiday decor is incomplete without the Christmas tree and there are many ways to decorate it whether it’s a real or fake tree. One problem that you may encounter while doing Christmas decorations is how can I make my Christmas tree look fuller? Well, simply adding more decorations to the tree, like baubles, string lights, garlands, and big ribbon bows will make your tree appear fuller and fantastic. Start working from the top of the tree towards the bottom and use a color scheme for a cohesive look. Moreover, you can position your decorations near the tree trunk to make your tree look brighter and fuller. If you’re looking for some unique Christmas tree decoration ideas that’ll make it appear fuller and gorgeous keep reading as we’ve listed some tips and tricks ahead about Christmas tree decorations!

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Light Up The Christmas Tree

Lights are an essential element of Christmas decorations and using different sizes of string lights can make your tree look fuller and striking. Start by wrapping fairy string lights around the tree trunk and suspending bulb string lights on the tree branches to add depth and dimension to the Christmas tree. You can also select different styles of string lights to cover the tree, like cotton ball string lights, disco mirror ball string lights, and gold Moroccan string lights to impart chic and modish allure to the tree decorations. For a colorful display, cover the tree with different colored string lights, for instance, red, white, green, blue, purple, or assorted colored string lights for a whimsical appeal.

Add Garlands And Ribbons

Filling in the sparse areas of your tree with garlands and vines adds texture and generates a fuller effect. Opt for eucalyptus and boxwood leaves vines and tuck them in between the gaps to give more volume to the tree. You can also glam up the Christmas tree by arranging burgundy peony garlands with seeds and leaves adding color and texture or wrapping white hydrangeas garlands around the branches to make your tree decorations look unique and stunning. Another amazing idea is to fill the gaps using big ribbon bows that will not only fill up the tree but will also make it look stylish and outstanding. Create bows with jute ribbon or give your tree a traditional look with red satin ribbon bows to exude festive elegance.

Opt For Large Ornaments

Placing large sized ornaments to decorate your tree can also make it appear fuller and visually interesting. Add an oomph factor to the tree decor by using large red mirror disco balls or hang glass terrariums filled with potpourri, pine cones, or Christmas figurines with the help of satin ribbons for a voguish allure. You can also arrange paper pinwheels and pom pom flowers that’ll add an exciting appeal to the Christmas tree decorations.

Let It Snow

Bring a wintry appeal to your holiday decorations by adding snow to your Christmas tree decorations generating a winter wonderland appeal. Use instant snow powder to cover your tree branches and boost the charm further by suspending foil iridescent snowflakes adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday season decorations.

Finish Off With Tree Skirt

Add a finishing touch to your Christmas tree decorations by using a tree skirt elevating the look of the Christmas tree up by several notches. A tree skirt not only covers the tree stand but also provides a beautiful background for your Christmas presents.


Keeping these ideas in mind you can create a pretty Christmas tree that looks fuller and fabulous. Which of these Christmas decorations you are going to use for your tree? Do let us know in the comments section below!