How Do I Choose A Chair Cover?

How Do I Choose A Chair Cover?


Chair covers provide the easiest way to decorate and customize chairs according to the theme and design of any event. They are also reusable, washable, easy to use, and protect the chairs from spills, stains, and normal wear and tear. Accent chair covers are affordable and are available in a variety of materials like polyester, satin, and spandex, and styles such as banquet chair covers, spandex chair covers, and universal chair covers to impart a chic and modish allure to your otherwise uninspiring chairs. So, to help you find the answer to how do I choose a chair cover and end your search for the most suitable cover for your chair, we’ve listed some tips and tricks below!

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Determine The Chair Type                                                         

There are different kinds of chairs but the most popular of them are banquet chairs, folding chairs, and Chiavari chairs. Banquet chairs have a padded seat and a straight back and you can find banquet covers at efavormart in a wide array of colors and designs to glam up your event banquet chairs. Similarly, folding chairs offer a more casual seating style and their foldable feature makes them easy to move and space-saving. They often get confused with banquet chairs but they have tilted backs and you can use folding chair covers to boost their appeal. Whereas, Chiavari chairs are extremely stylish and beautiful on their own and don’t need to be covered but you can enhance their charm with Chiavari cushion pads and slipcovers to take your decor up by several notches.

Take Measurements For The Right Chair Cover Size

To buy the right chair slipcovers that fit your chairs perfectly it’s important to measure the chair first. You need to measure the chair’s overall height, height and width of the chair’s back, and the length and width of seat covers. Another essential feature is to consider the top of the chairs as banquet and folding chairs have three most common types of tops i.e. round, square, and crown. To purchase the perfect cover for chair just match your chair measurements with the chair cover description to uplift the chair’s look with sleek, stylish, and well-fitted decorative chair covers. Moreover, if your chair size is slightly larger than the standard banquet chair cover or folding chair cover, you can opt for our universal chair covers that can fit any kind of chair and make them look beautiful.

Pick The Fabric For Chair Covers

After determining the type and size of the chair the next step is to select the fabric for your event chair covers. Polyester, satin, and spandex are the most common types of materials for party chair covers. Our polyester chair covers are durable, easy to use, style, and give a matte finish to transform the boring chairs into elegant seats and exude style and sophistication. To impart a glossy sheen, swathe your chairs using satin chair covers adding an imperial touch to the decor. Whereas, for a sleek fit, opt for gorgeous spandex chair covers to add a contemporary and stylish finish to your event design.  

Choose The Color For Chair Covers

Choosing the appropriate color for chair slipcovers plays a vital role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the decor. To find the perfect event chair covers keep the venue, theme, and color scheme of your event in mind for a cohesive setup. You can also select black and white chair covers as they can be synchronized with any theme and design. Moreover, you can pick the accent shades like gold and silver to add a wow factor to your ambiance.

Above are mentioned the key factors to keep in mind while purchasing chair covers. With elegant chair covers, you’ll be able to create a magnificent ambiance that’ll make your event stand out and impress your guests. Explore our collection of chair covers featuring a wide range of designs and colors that’ll perfectly cater to any kind of event theme. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments box below!