How Do I Choose A Table Runner?

How Do I Choose A Table Runner?


When it comes to decorating a table for a much-awaited dinner, it’s important to cover all the small yet significant details of the décor alongside those sumptuous dishes you’ve prepared. From table linens to place settings and centerpieces, you have so many choices for mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and styles together. But you need to have a creative eye to build a fresh tabletop look using simple décor accents. While there’s a lot that goes into setting a formal table, it sometimes gets tricky if you don’t have enough time for trying out a few looks to see what works best. And that’s when you need simple yet distinct table runners that’ll instantly add some character to your tablescape. If you’re wondering how do I choose a table runner, keep scrolling and get to know all the tips and tricks for picking the perfect runner to harmonize your décor.

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How Do I Choose A Table Runner Size?

With a plethora of amazing table runner designs available in several sizes and widths for creating any desired look, it’s important to choose the right size. Ideally, a table runner should be sized approximately 1/3 the width of your dining table. So, to work out the right table runner size, you’d need to measure the width of your dining table first and then divide it by three. For the length, make sure that the runner doesn’t hang further than the length of your tablecloth. You can choose long table runners to leave at least 6-12 inches hanging over the edges or place silver maple leaf vinyl table runners centered lengthwise across the table. Used this way, shorter table runners serve as a visual center for the table where you can align the centerpieces with serving dishes. And if the runner has tassels like our Mexican serape table runner, it should be longer than the table so that the tassels hang down instead of sitting atop the table.

What Material Should A Table Runner Be?

You can easily spruce things up by layering fancy table runners in contrasting textures or patterns atop tablecloths with just a few decorations to create a wonderful tablescape. If you love the beauty of your table but still want to add a little extra interest to it, skip the tablecloth and opt for lace table runners, sheer table runners, or even vintage doilies placed in a runner sequence for a minimal yet sophisticated look. But if you’ve always been fond of creating an ethereal tablescape with flowy drapes, go for our chiffon table runners, cheesecloth runners, or polyester table runners. Like a work of art, elegant table runners can hold all the colors from the rest of your décor scheme and pull them together in one swift swish. So, it’s best to first visualize different ways for the placement of your table linens and then choose your tabletop accents accordingly.

How To Decorate Your Table With A Table Runner?

Whether you place the table runner on a bare table or atop a tablecloth, it’ll still protect the damage from spills that may be caused due to serving pans, dripping candles, or oil. However, you can achieve much more than that only if you know how to drape these luxurious accents on the table while bringing attention to the center while dining. Whether you’re adorning the table for spring with a shimmering sequin runner or dressing it down for fall with a fluffy fur runner, make sure that the whole tabletop look coordinates with your theme. You may also lay rustic table runners across the width of your table, crisscross black and white table runners on the tabletop, or drape mirror foil table runners down the table to create a picture-perfect tablescape.   

If you’re looking for table runners that will charmingly blow in the wind and shine in the limelight, we’d suggest you explore efavormart table runners that are available in various sizes, fabrics, and styles. When done right, layering linens on the table will make your setting feel more luxe and upscale. Let us know how you’d like to incorporate these plush accents in your tablescape.