How Do I Make A Fake Flower Bouquet?

How Do I Make A Fake Flower Bouquet?


Flowers make an excellent decorative accent; they are a great way to add a refined and serene touch to any event or space. While fresh flowers and greenery are lovely when adorned in a vase but eventually they wither and wilt in a short span of time. As an alternative, get creative with your home floral décor. Yes! We are talking about artificial flowers that look and feel exactly like the real ones. Artificial flowers that look real will stay blooming for a lifetime and will add eternal bliss and bloom to your space, giving you the opportunity to create some natural-looking DIY flower bouquets. Amazing artificial floral arrangements can be made with some of the best artificial flowers, so if you want to learn ‘how do I make a fake flower bouquet’’? Read along as we have come up with some interesting suggestions on how you can create the perfectly vibrant and impactful fake flower bouquets at home by choosing from our spectacular assortment of artificial flowers.

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Choice Of Flowers

When it comes to unsurpassed beauty all year round artificial flowers are the ideal solution. Making a fake flower bouquet with our undying and eternally blossoming artificial flower collection will let you create timeless floral decorations. Here are a few artificial floral arrangement ideas to let you create a beautiful fake flower bouquet:

If you have a fondness for subtle and soft colors of flower petals, you can opt for our white baby breath artificial flowers, blush foam roses with stems and leaves, or white buttercup bulb flowers. And if you prefer bright, bold colored artificial flowers, go for fuchsia single stem mini calla lily flowers or red rose & hydrangea artificial silk flowers bouquet.

Add little clusters of artificial baby's breath to an artificial rose arrangement to create a lovely contrast in color and texture. Create a mixed bouquet or spray of a carnation bush by pairing it with a long stem rose bush. Use a variety of shades and add some artificial lily flowers and floral fillers to the bunch for an even more gorgeous look.

Putting together artificial roses and calla lily artificial flowers with some flower arrangement fillers will take your artificial floral arrangement to a whole new appeal. If you want to attain a denser look for your bouquet use at least two varieties of green bouquet filler in your arrangement. For a designer floral arrangement combine real touch roses, orchids, and mums. Use artificial flowers in the same color and evenly spread them across your silk flower arrangement to avoid clusters of the same blooms.

Lastly, add pebbles and water to make the artificial flowers look more genuine, and rotate the vase as you assemble your mixed flower bouquet for even, balanced home décor artificial flower arrangements.

Adding Greenery

Greenery brings an aesthetic flower bouquet to life; they add depth and texture to any DIY floral arrangements and give them a professional look. For instance, a eucalyptus spray goes well with a white flower bouquet and pastel-colored floral arrangements. Our artificial globe thistle flower spray has a unique leaf form that makes it a standout flower feature; even the foliage of monstera palm leaves will add a bright splash of green color to your flower bouquet. Dusty miller leaves are a lovely green filler flower and will complement romantic, heavy blooms like roses, buttercups, and peonies perfectly. An artificial ivy branch or the leather leaf fern is ideal for adding body to an artificial floral arrangement. Lemon leaf greenery, can be a subtle companion to magnificent flower arrangements.

Floral Supplies

There is no denying the fact that the prettiest artificial floral arrangements in stylish vases lack color and glamorous affairs without floral supplies. Our online store offers floral foam balls, foam cones, foam bouquet holders, foam bricks, floral tape, satin rattail cord, washi glitter tape, ribbons, invisible craft wire, metalized film tape, hook and loop fastener reusable Velcro strips, jute rope, & glue stick that are one of the best floral supplies. Craft eye-catching flower bouquets just like a professional florist using these floral supplies and make stunning bridal bouquets or keep your artificial flower bouquets upright in tall vases and jars.

How To Assemble?

Whether you want to make a fake flower bouquet to amaze that special one, beautify the venue, or give your home an astounding ambiance, artificial flowers are what you need to achieve that desired look. Making a flawless fake flower bouquet requires some principles, so you need to have a better understanding of what colors you need and how to combine single stem flowers and long stem branches to create a natural-looking DIY flower bouquet. Follow these simple steps to put together the perfect artificial floral arrangement.

Firstly, pick your favorite artificial flower bush and continue building the flower bouquet stem by stem until you reach the preferred size, it’s totally up to you how big or small flower bouquet you want. Use a floral foam brick or foam ball to arrange your fake flower bouquets or floral tape for vessels with odd forms. To add stability, cut the bottom of the stems to your preferred length using wire cutters and glue the decorative ribbon evenly around the stems. Angle and position them in your container at different heights and beautify as you like!

If you want to increase its structure and body, use artificial or live green fillers, you can bend and curve these artificial flowers and foliage and make some pieces hanging down to give your artificial floral arrangement a more realistic appearance.

In this blog post, we strive to make your experience of making a fake flower bouquet with artificial flowers a hassle-free and enjoyable affair. Satiate your creative instincts and make DIY flower bouquets to enjoy the beauty of a magnificent bundle of flowers all year long. Check out our floral supplies line and artificial flowers to create some stunning masterpieces. We would love to know how you make your fake flower bouquet. Do share your masterwork with us in the box below!